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Daniel Snyder Is Rooting For The Caps

Posted by Matt Terl on January 11, 2011 – 3:50 pm

One more note from today’s Big Ol’ DC Sports Owners’ Summit at the Washington Post….

Just after the Caps clinched the Eastern Conference title last year, I linked to a post on Caps owner Ted Leonis’ blog where he mentioned receiving a note from Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. And from that I found myself musing on how nice it was to see the lovey-dovey relationship between the players on the local teams, and how it was even just as cool to see the owners get into the act.

Well, they continued along those lines at the Q&A today. It started early on when Snyder was asked if the owners exchanged any advice about ownerdom in D.C.

“I think it’s not as much advice as that we are all rooting for each other,” Snyder said. “And one of the things that I as a Washingtonian — lifelong — recognize is that the city needs winners. The city needs the Redskins to win, but also this year, we hope Ted wins it this year for us. It really is in need of our teams to perform, and I think it’s important to the community and I’m looking forward to it.”

Leonsis returned the favor a couple of questions later, when the owners as a group were asked what they admired about the other teams represented on the panel. “I think the deep history of the Redskins is one of the assets of the city,” Leonsis said. “There’s not a person you meet that doesn’t have some kind of connective tissue to the team — but it’s really the championships. We can’t forget how hard it is to win a championship. Will [Chang]’s been associated with a championship with the Giants, and D.C. United’s won championships. The Redskins have won many Super Bowls. Caps have never won a Stanley Cup. Mr. Pollin won an NBA ring. And when you win a championship, it creates a set of lifelong memories. And that’s really the business that we’re in. The metric that we need to measure is this touchpoint for mothers and fathers and children and best friends that they can remember fondly and it’s one of those lifelong memories.”

And the topic came up one more time as the panel wound down. Asked which was the best run team in D.C., Snyder said, “The team that wins.” He continued, “Right now, the Capitals need to win this year for the city, so we’re rooting for them.”

And Leonsis took the idea of unity a step farther, refusing to even compare the various teams. “I don’t play the Redskins,” he said. “Y’know, I’m a season ticket holder. I love the Nationals. I love the Redskins. The rising tide raises all boats. We’re in this together.”

In honor of that, here’s a few of the better Redskins/Capitals crossover moments from recent memory:

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