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On Assymetrical Helmet Striping, And Other Links

Posted by Matt Terl on January 7, 2011 – 12:40 pm

I love some good uniform chatter in the offseason. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that. But I still manage to be impressed at the extent to which the folks over at Uni Watch pay attention to that stuff. For example, today a Uni Watch reader writes in with an extensive dissection of team uniforms that use two or more varieties of striping, and the Redskins are held up as an example of What Not To Wear.

He writes:

Another really bad one is the Redskins. I’ve always hated the fact that they’ve gone with symmetrical striping on the helmet and asymmetrical striping on the pants. They had the opportunity to match things up with the introduction of the gold pants, which has created an awesome and coordinated bottom-half combo but has done nothing for the overall mish-mash. (I’d love it if they just switched the helmet stripes to match the new pants and socks.)

You can see what he’s talking about here in the photo above: the stripes on the pants are asymmetrical — that is, burgundy on one side of the center line and gold on the other — while the stripes on the helmet are symmetrical: each side of an imaginary center line would have gold, burgundy, and white in that order.

This seems like an incredibly specific thing to notice, and I say that as someone who was obsessed with the gold pants and was just this morning complaining about the typeface on the Pro Bowl jerseys. I can honestly say that in all of the countless Redskins games I’ve watched over the last three decades, I have never once had this complaint. Does this bother anyone else out there?

Meanwhile, here are a whole bunch of other links to Redskins-related stuff worth reading:

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