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Player Reaction To The Donovan McNabb Benching: 'It Is What It Is,' Mostly

Posted by Matt Terl on December 17, 2010 – 3:20 pm

It’s a saying that I used to only hear in the world of professional athletics but that has since spread far wider, and it’s a phrase that annoys almost everyone on Earth who hears it: It is what it is.

On the surface, it’s a completely nonsensical phrase, possibly a tautology, almost certainly meaningless, and completely one hundred percent obvious. But in the context of an NFL locker room, I think it’s a phrase that actually has a place.

If you’re a player on an NFL team, you will at some point find yourself in a situation where it is simply impossible to give an answer without completely alienating someone. If your head coach (to whom you have to answer) benches one of your teammates (whom you’ve been battling next to for most of the season) in favor of another guy (who you’ll be playing with this week), and the media (with whom you like to keep a good relationship) asks for a comment … well, anything you say is going to necessarily disappoint SOMEONE in that chain of events.

So “It is what it is” becomes the necessary mantra of the NFL player in that situation. As was well demonstrated in today’s open locker room, as players were asked about the benching of Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman. Read more »

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Rex Grossman To Start This Week In Dallas

Posted by Matt Terl on December 17, 2010 – 12:55 pm

Well, Mike Shanahan has confirmed the widely rumored news that Rex Grossman will be getting the start this week in Dallas, meaning that Donovan McNabb has been benched. Reaction on the internet to this move has been largely disapproving, and exceedingly loud in that disapproval.

My reaction is less loud, and much less disapproving. In fact, my reaction can be summed up in four words: what’s the big deal?

That’s a bit extreme, I suppose. Anytime an NFL team benches their starting QB, it’s going to be something of a big deal. But if you strip out the names, because all the names in this thing — Shanahan, McNabb, Grossman, Redskins — are guaranteed barstool argument starters, and then look at what you’ve got here, maybe it’ll give a better idea of where I’m coming from:

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Hail! Goes For Pottery Jokes

Posted by Matt Terl on December 17, 2010 – 9:40 am

You’ve probably heard about Chris Cooley‘s pottery work, but you may have missed the news that, unable to sleep after Sunday’s loss, he went on an anger-fueled pottery-making binge. Really. And that should be all the backstory you need for this week’s installment of Hail!, written and drawn (as always) by Ben Ceccarelli.

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