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What DeAngelo Hall And Kobe Bryant Chatted About

Posted by Matt Terl on December 15, 2010 – 12:29 pm

This picture from last night’s Wizards/Lakers game at Verizon Center showed up on The Basketball Jones today; they (for obvious reasons) care more about Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, but Redskins fans pretty much immediately noticed the teal-hatted gentleman in the background: cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Hall was just one of a bunch of Redskins players at the game. He wasn’t the most notorious — that would be Donovan McNabb and/or Mike Sellers getting somewhat booed, which has drawn the most ink — but (as is his way) Hall did manage to irritate at least one person: MC JK over at DC Landing Strip found himself infuriated by Hall’s seat near the Lakers bench, and by his apparent conversation with Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Hall’s seat didn’t inspire quite that level of irritation in me — or any at all, to be honest — but I was certainly curious to know what he and Bryant had been talking about.

“Just basketball,” Hall told me today, looking slightly surprised that I was asking. Then he elaborated a bit further.
“At one point we started talking about how he was locking up [Wizards guard] Nick Young, just working him,” Hall said. “And I’m like, ‘Okay, you workin’ now, huh?’

“And he said, ‘[Heck] yeah, DHall.’ He was like, ‘This young dude on my radar now. So I gotta lock him up the same way you lock these [gentlemen] up out here as a corner? I gotta lock him up.'”

Although Hall said that he sort of knows Bryant’s teammates Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom, this wasn’t the continuation of a long-standing relationship. “I don’t know him like that. I kinda know him through Carmelo, but this is my first time talking to him like that,” Hall said. “He just recognized me. He’s come to a couple of our games before — not to see me or anything; he came when we were playing Philly and [stuff] like that. He’s a football fan, though.”

Hall is big supporter of the area sports teams, but went out of his way to get the seats near the Lakers bench — far from fellow defensive back Carlos Rogers, who sat near the Wizards bench — because, he says, he enjoys the way Bryant plays. “I’m a Kobe fan,” Hall said. “I’m a fan of the Wizards ’cause I’m from the area, but … I like Kobe. I love the way Kobe approaches the game.”

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