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Albert Haynesworth Suspended For Conduct Detrimental To The Club

Posted by Matt Terl on December 7, 2010 – 1:05 pm

In this morning’s rant about Albert Haynesworth, I just MAY have mentioned once or twice how very sick I am of the whole subject. And, as cathartic as writing that piece was, it was depressing as well; because I couldn’t see any way the situation resolved itself before the end of the season, all I could envision was day after day after painful, brain-deadening week of continuing coverage on Haynesworth.

Well, I may not have been able to see any way the situation could resolve itself, but while I was out at a Redskins Charitable Foundation event at Macy’s (more on that later, which I know you’re excited for) someone else thought of one: the team announced today that Haynesworth has been suspended without pay for four games for conduct detrimental to the club.

Head coach Mike Shanahan explained in a statement:

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Albert Haynesworth Talks About The Importance Of Adjusting

Posted by Matt Terl on December 7, 2010 – 9:56 am

Albert Haynesworth went on the radio for a half hour last night to respond to the rampant rumors surrounding his status with the Washington Redskins. My Chanukah guests had already left and the Monday Night Football game was failing to thrill, so I grudgingly tuned in to what 106.7 The Fan’s Bill Rohland breathlessly assured me would be 27 minutes of radio gold.

I didn’t need even half of those 27 soul-crushing minutes to realize just how sick I am of this entire, neverending drama. When I was tweeting updates from Mike Shanahan’s press conference yesterday and mentioned that the coach planned to meet with Haynesworth by Wednesday, someone named @chrisbs95 tweeted, “What are the chances both men start crying and come to a very tearful understanding and reconciling”. This is funny, of course, because the chances are roughly 1 in 3,456,346,996,434, a fact that was brought home even more as I listened to Haynesworth chat with an exceedingly supportive Kevin & Rock and a more combative Grant Paulsen.

No one can win in this Haynesworth situation. Everyone involved has already looked bad at one point or another, but the biggest losers have to be Redskins fans, who have given up countless hours of our lives following the endless back and forth. Those hours could’ve been spent doing something truly useful, like yelling at each other about which of this season’s losses have been the worst or speculating wildly about new Redskins uniforms.

Anyhow, Haynesworth flatly refuted a Comcast SportsNet report that he had been hungover at Friday’s practice, called the unnamed sources from that report “cowards,” and channeled the spirit of Fred Durst circa 2002 (or so) by twice referring to “haters” in the Redskins organization that don’t like him.

But none of that is what stuck out to me after the whole thing came to a merciful end (I skipped the promised followup featuring Kevin & Rock’s reactions to the whole thing; even in the name of my job, I can only take so much). What stuck with me was something Haynesworth said about his relationship with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, and how it contrasted with almost everything else he said in the interview. Read more »

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