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Redskins @ Giants – Fourth Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on December 5, 2010 – 3:59 pm

In a game where the Redskins turned the ball over six times, where Fred Davis had the same number of catches as Logan Paulsen, where the Redskins first touchdown was just enough to cut the lead to 21, where the Giants rushed for just short of 200 yards, and where Chris Wilson somehow returned two kickoffs, it’s safe to say that plenty of things went wrong. And declaring any one of those things the “worst” thing about this game would be defensible — they were, in fact, all pretty terrible..

But none of them get my vote; I’ll give that to former Redskins receiver Devin Thomas, now with the Giants. Thomas didn’t have any impact on the game for the Giants offense. He didn’t have any catches or scores, and wasn’t even targeted with a pass. But he managed to have a pretty substantial impact on the game nonetheless, and for a lot of Redskins fans that’s going to be the most painful twist of the knife.

Here, in chronological order, are Thomas’ contributions to the game: Read more »

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Redskins @ Giants – Third Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on December 5, 2010 – 3:17 pm

The Redskins finally came to life a little bit in third quarter, enough to put together one drive and get into the endzone to avoid the complete and utter humiliation of a shutout. It was a solid enough drive, featuring some nice contributions from James Davis and Anthony Armstrong, but all it does is reduce this from catastrophic humiliation to another grim loss.

The team continued to step on their own feet literally right up to the end of the quarter, as Stephon Heyer false-started on third-and-2 to ensure that the Redskins couldn’t get a play off before the end of the quarter. It’s been that kind of a day. McNabb has been slow to take off running, slow getting the ball to his receivers, and just generally all-around underwhelming.

The Giants, meanwhile, continued to rack up rushing yardage against a Redskins defense that continues to look overmatched and incapable of tackling. Usually I’d be critical of Brandon Jacobs for showboating and high-stepping his way into the end zone, but he was so alone and the run looked so easy that he needed SOMETHING to occupy himself.

In fact, it felt like that’s why the Giants started punting the ball to Brandon Banks: because everything was going too smoothly for them, and they needed to get the ball to at least one potentially dangerous Redskins player.

Not that it mattered — the quarter ends 28-7 in the most appropriate possible way: with a Redskins miscue. There’s certainly been no shortage of those today. Read more »

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Redskins @ Giants – Second Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on December 5, 2010 – 2:18 pm

I suppose the best thing you could say about the second quarter is that the Giants didn’t keep up their scoring pace. The Giants ended one trip to the red zone prematurely when London Fletcher picked off an Eli Manning pass in the end zone, otherwise the game might be even further out of reach.

And make no mistake: with the Redskins trailing 21-0, this game appears to be completely 100% out of reach. The Giants have rushed for 139 yards and 3 touchdowns in the first half, and could probably have added 80 more yards to that if they hadn’t felt like messing around with the forward pass a little bit. Their running backs are averaging just under 7 yards a carry, and it’s not like that stat is skewed by a 90-yarder or anything. It feels like Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jackson just go for 7 yards every time they touch the ball.

Which makes it all the stranger that the Redskins elected to punt the ball on fourth-and-4 from the 50 yard line with :32 seconds left in the half. Short of a meteor crushing the stadium and everyone in it, the worst case scenario there is that the Giants take over on downs, drive down the field, and score a touchdown. Result: you’re trailing an insurmountable 28-0 instead of an insurmountable 21-0. But at least you’re using up all your downs. I have no idea what punting actually gains you in that situation.

Even the Giants seemed surprised, just kneeling on the ball and letting the half run out. Why bother running a :30 second drill when you’ve got the whole second half to (likely) score at will. 21-0 and — as the cliche goes — not as close as the score would indicate. Read more »

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Redskins @ Giants – First Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on December 5, 2010 – 1:37 pm

That AP photo from pregame may be the last occasion anyone on the Redskins defense had to smile. Since then, the Giants have had two easy-looking touchdown drives, mostly on the ground (where they racked up 89 yards). The Redskins did do one thing well in all phases of the game: miss.

  • The defense missed tackles — a lot of them. (See the rushing yardage stat above.)
  • You could argue that the defense therefore missed the inactive Albert Haynesworth, I suppose.
  • On offense, the offensive line had some trouble with missed blocks, and…
  • Donovan McNabb missed a couple of open receivers on the Redskins drive that ended in….
  • A missed field goal.

Other than that, things are going just swell. (Note: things are not going swell.) Read more »

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Redskins @ Giants – Albert Haynesworth Is Among The Inactives

Posted by Matt Terl on December 5, 2010 – 12:07 pm

We knew that there would be a few big names on the Redskins inactive list — Carlos Rogers and LaRon Landry were scratched at the end of the week — but the biggest name comes as something of a surprise: Albert Haynesworth will not be playing.

Haynesworth was listed as questionable with an illness on Friday, and he was limited in Friday’s practice, but I don’t think anyone really expected this. We’ll find out much more after the game, I’m sure.

On the one hand, this is frustrating: the Giants offensive line is depleted, and it seems like Haynesworth had an opportunity to make his biggest impact of the season. On the positive side — and I freely admit that I’m reaching here — I’m excited that Anthony Bryant is active and might get a chance to see some action. I’ve thought he could be a contributor at nose tackle since the preseason, and I’m interested to see if he can do anything with this opportunity. Still, all things being equal, you have to think that Haynesworth could’ve been a huge help today.

The rest of the inactives:

  • Carlos Rogers
  • LaRon Landry
  • Andre Brown
  • Ryan Torain
  • Derrick Dockery
  • Jeremy Jarmon
  • Albert Haynesworth
  • John Beck (emergency third quarterback)

Read more »

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