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DeAngelo Hall and Terrence Austin Wade Into The 'Who's Faster?' Fray

Posted by Matt Terl on December 3, 2010 – 11:31 am

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people yesterday were discussing the relative speed of Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong, with special focus on who would win in a hypothetical race. These people included head coach Mike Shanahan, who equivocated, saying, “I really don’t know. They’re both pretty fast. It’d be pretty close. Both in that 4.4, 4.3 area. Pretty good shape. They both can run.”

DeAngelo Hall, always willing to address these kinds of questions, revealed himself as a Banks backer. “Banks, and it’s not close,” he said. “Armstrong doesn’t win that race.”

Terrence Austin — like Banks and Armstrong a wide receiver, and also like them both a graduate from the practice squad — wasn’t quite so certain. “That’s a good question,” Austin said. “I don’t know who’s the faster out of the two, but the difference-maker may be the distance: who can run faster in the 40, who can run faster in the 60.”

And Banks himself weighed in again, reiterating his claim that he’s the fastest while explaining why their 40 times at the Scouting Combine were relatively close. “I got injured during the combine,” Banks said. “I pulled my hamstring. I mean, I’m not making excuses; I still ran a 4.4 with an injured hamstring. I’m a 4.2 guy.”

He also gave the first hint that there might be an objective resolution to this conversation: “It’s gonna keep going til this offseason,” Banks said, “til we race this offseason.”

One of Armstrong’s main contentions is that, while Banks may be faster, he (Armstrong) is quicker. Austin added another layer to the drama on this one, though, by inserting himself into that debate — right at the top, in fact. “I’m quicker than both of them,” Austin said, “Not faster, but I think I’m quicker than both.”

This isn’t entirely surprising — it’s not an unusual claim — but what was surprising was DeAngelo Hall’s reaction to Austin’s assertion.
“He probably is quicker,” Hall said. “T-Austin’s QUICK, man.”

Now this DID surprise me, and when I said so, I mentioned that Banks looked plenty quick to me. “Banks don’t look quick,” Hall said. “If you put your arms out right here–” he extended his arms at about shoulder height “– try to touch T-Austin. You won’t touch him. But you could touch Banks or Armstrong.”

Hall shrugged. “Austin is quick as [heck],” he said. “We go out there and check ’em, and with Austin you don’t worry about him going deep, you worry about him shaking the [crap] out of you.”

That glowing review aside, adding Austin to the debate didn’t even slightly change Hall’s opinion on who would win the hypothetical race. “Banks has got ’em smoked,” he said.

To be continued, I’m sure.

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