Brandon Banks And Anthony Armstrong Continue To Debate Who's Faster

Posted by Matt Terl on December 1, 2010 – 5:27 pm

Brandon Banks is known primarily for his blazing speed, a fact that seems to mildly irritate Anthony Armstrong. Armstrong has continually maintained that he’s as fast as — or faster than — Banks, an argument that Banks hotly disputes. The two appeared together on ESPN980’s John Thompson Show today, and were goaded by Rick “Doc” Walker into continuing the debate live on the air.

Which, I think you’ll all agree, pretty much demands a transcript.

DOC: “The two of you are here. I wanna know who’s the fastest guy on the team. I’ve asked both of ’em, and both of ’em have separately said they were. So can we get this worked out?”
AA: “I’m faster than him; he’s quicker than me.”

BB: “That’s such a lie. I’m SO much faster than Double-A.”

JT: “Now, I don’t wanna know who’s fastest on the practice field. B-Mitch taught me, one of the few times I’ve ever been in you guys’ locker room and the first time I ever met Brian Mitchell, I was looking at the posting of the times. And Brian Mitchell was laughing. So I asked Doc, I said, ‘Who is this guy over there laughing?’ He said, ‘That’s B-Mitch.’ I asked him why he was laughing, he said, ‘Coach, they don’t time you on Sunday.’ So I wanna know who’s the fastest on Sunday.”

BB: “Brandon Banks is, by far.”

AA: “Oh, gosh. All right, whatever you say, buddy. I’m gonna just keep catching them 40, 50 yard bombs.”

BB:”Yeah, but you’re not getting in the end zone.”

AA: “Hey, man, I don’t got no blockers!”

DOC: “Let’s talk about that, Triple-A. And I know your quarterbacks under unbelievable pressure, but in practice, do you guys make that work like a lot of us hope we’ll get the chance to see on Sundays?”

AA: “Oh, yeah, you know, we work on those things. And Donovan has to make sure he gets it out on time and I’m in the right place at the right time and just everything goes together. Sometimes in the games it just happens that way to where somebody might be there, the ball might be a little underthrown or pressure gets onto him, but you just gotta make the play regardless.”

Pretty inconclusive. The obvious solution is a race, but that just seems like a catastrophically bad idea. Until the two are running full tilt downfield side-by-sidefor some reason, I think this just going to be another “the world may never know” situation.

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    desaen jackson santana moss an brandon banks should race

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