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Mike Shanahan’s Thanksgiving Plans (And Quick Injury Update)

Posted by Matt Terl on November 25, 2010 – 12:48 pm

The Redskins practiced early today to let the players, coaches, and (I guess) bloggers get home and enjoy some turkey with their families. Head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media after practice and confirmed that LaRon Landry and Ryan Torain — both already considered longshots for Sunday — will be out for the game against the Vikings. The rest of the long list of injured players will likely be gametime decisions.

Shanahan also explained his plans for Thanksgiving: “We’ll get a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving,” he assured reporters. “We started early today, so we’ve got a little extra time. What we’ll try to do is look at film today and get ready for tomorrow’s practice, ’cause you’ve gotta go through the scripts and make all those things up, but we’ll get out of here earlier and get a chance to spend some time with some family, so that’ll be great.”

Hopefully your Thanksgiving will include plenty of time with family and not as much time reviewing film and going through scripts for tomorrow’s practice, but please enjoy it whatever it is.

In the spirit of the day, here’s the Redskins.com TV piece on Donovan McNabb‘s turkey giveaway at Martha’s Table in D.C. on Tuesday.

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Macho Harris Finally Gets To D.C.

Posted by Matt Terl on November 25, 2010 – 10:29 am

DeAngelo Hall is not responsible for the Redskins’ signing of safety Macho Harris. Hall made that very clear yesterday. “I let those guys in the front office kinda do what they do,” Hall said.

But that’s not to say that Hall didn’t think the Virginia Tech product deserved to be here, after being released by the Eagles at the start of this season. “It was surprising to me that a guy that started 12 games in this league didn’t have a job,” Hall said. (It’s actually eight starts, not twelve, but the point remains.) “So, the whole time he was getting workouts and going to different teams, I was always talking to him. You know, trying to tell him to stay positive, stay positive.”

That positive attitude was rewarded — this signing puts Harris where he says he’s always wanted to play.

“After my career in college, I was kinda hoping I’d come here,” Harris said, “close to home. Especially with the support of Hokie Nation and being close to home, so my family would be around and stuff like that. It’s a great fit.”

His reaction when he got the call from the Redskins reflected that long-term interest. “After they said they wanted to sign me, I just had tears of joy,” Harris explained. “I went back to the room, thanked God. Because this is definitely a dream come true and, like I said, days before this I was just, like, lost. Like when am I gonna get back in the league or, you know, I’m gonna have to do this another way or something like that.”

It’s not the first time Harris has tried to make his way to Washington, according to Hall. “I remember draft day, him calling me trying to get me to talk to the old staff, trying to get drafted here last year,” Hall recounted. “So this is definitely a place he wanted to be. Even when he got drafted to Philly, he was like, ‘Man, I wanted to come to Washington!’ I’m like, ‘Man, it don’t work like that in this league. This ain’t college where you can kinda pick and choose where you want to go.’ So, like I said, he’s excited to be here.”

The big story on Harris, though, is that he’s been playing a little flag football in Fairfax County during his weeks off. (Dan Steinberg has run down most of the details on this, and it’s not nearly as goofy as it sounds on the surface.) So Harris was asked about that as well; here’s his version of his days with the Novocaine squad in the Fairfax County Flag Football League: Read more »

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