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Different Plan For Vince Young Than For Michael Vick

Posted by Matt Terl on November 17, 2010 – 5:42 pm

Albert Haynesworth was asked about his former teammate Vince Young today, and how the Titans QB has improved his game on the NFL level. “One thing that VY’s doing is he’s not relying on his athletic ability to make plays,” Haynesworth said. “Don’t get me wrong, the guy still can take off and do the same thing that Vick did, so …” and he trailed off for just a second, as if he realized what he was saying.

Because, of course, the “thing that Vick did” on Monday night would include, but probably not be limited to: racking up 333 yards passing, 80 yards rushing, and six total touchdowns; humiliating the Redskins defense; having his jersey sent to the Hall of Fame; and being named NFC Offensive Player Of The Week. Read more »

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Where Does The Loss To The Eagles Rank Among The Worst Ever?

Posted by Matt Terl on November 17, 2010 – 10:14 am

Let me get this out of the way first, in bold capital letters to make it unmissable: THIS WAS A BAD LOSS.

No one is arguing that — at least, no one sane, not after seeing a final score like 59-28. It’s picking up names like Monday Night Massacre; it’s being called a rout, an embarrassment, and plenty of other things that I’m not allowed to write here.

And I understand some of the circumstances that made it seem even worse than the 31 point deficit would indicate: it came on national television, at home, in a game where a win would’ve thrown the Redskins firmly back into the NFC East mix, against an opponent that they had beaten just a month and a half before.

I get all of that, and I reiterate, again in bold: this was a bad loss.

But I’ve been hearing from people claiming that this was the worst loss of recent years, of the modern era, of all time. And that, I think, is a bit much. To be perfectly blunt, I think anyone saying that has forgotten just how grim some of the losses of the last few years were.

In many of the losses during the 2009 season, the team flat-out gave up. They lost to much lesser opponents, and to good opponents playing much less hard. If this team embarrassed itself last night — and they say they did, and people who agree with Chad Dukes say they did — they did so by not playing as well as their opponent. Last year, they found much more novel ways to embarrass themselves, like trick plays or late safeties or primetime shutouts.

In fact, I’ll go even further and say that this wasn’t even the Redskins’ worst primetime embarrassment of the last two years, let alone the modern era.

Last year, there were two terrible embarrassments on national TV. (Three losses, but only two terrible embarrassments.) The second came against the Cowboys, and was relatively pedestrian as far as humiliating losses go: a simple 17 point shutout to a divisional rival while the Redskins wallowed in off-the-field turmoil. (And also gave up 5 points to a placekicker they had cut just a few weeks earlier.)

But the first … that one came against the Giants on Monday Night Football, and that’s a loss that has gotten even more terrible with the passage of time. Here are the ways that game was worse than the one a couple nights ago: Read more »

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