The Women Of Washington Redskins Walk For Fitness

Posted by Matt Terl on November 13, 2010 – 4:41 pm

That’s Roxi McNabb, wife of QB Donovan, and Christy Cooley, wife of tight end Chris, walking together just before the start of today’s Fit For You 5K at National Harbor. The Women Of Washington Redskins assembled prior to the start of the race to send off the runners before leading the group of walkers, and Cooley’s holding the sign up to help guide the group to the stage. Tanya Snyder, wife of team owner Daniel, held a similar sign aloft on the stage.

It might seem like a minor detail. But the signs, with their new official-looking logo and enthusiastic exclamation point, seem to represent a moment for this group, as the Women Of Washington Redskins take another step from just being a group of Redskins’ wives and toward being a visible, recognizable ambassador for the team.

McNabb seemed both pleased and mildly surprised with how the group was coming together, and she has a broader frame of reference than some. “Just in the first nine weeks of the [regular] season, I think we’ve done more charity work and been together and worked out with each other more than I think I’ve done in … you know, eleven years with the other team we were with.” (Oh, did the McNabb’s come here from somewhere else? I had no idea. You’d think someone would’ve mentioned that at some point.) Read more »

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