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Get Tickets To Monday Night's Game At The Fit For You 5K

Posted by Matt Terl on November 12, 2010 – 3:50 pm

As I may have mentioned several hundred times in this space, the Fit For You 5K is Saturday, and everyone in the D.C. area should come out. You should come because it’s for a great cause — promoting health and wellness — via Play 60, a joint program with the NFL and the American Heart Association. You should come because it’s a chance to meet Christy Cooley, Tanya Snyder, and other Women of Washington. You should come just because it’ll be a pleasant walk. You should come because I’ll be there.

But if those reasons aren’t enough, here’s one more: thanks to the Virginia Lottery, I’ll be handing out a few sets of party deck passes for Monday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

For the specifics of the giveaways, you should be sure to follow me on Twitter. But here’s one thing I’ll tell you: there were a fair number of dogs at the inaugural event in Indianapolis, but not nearly enough of them were in Colts gear. So one pair of tickets will be going to the person with the most Redskins-y pet at tomorrow’s walk. Below are some pictures of the dogs in Indy; if you can top these, you’ll be in the running.

For the rest of the giveaways, just keep your eye on Twitter.com/RedskinsBlog Saturday morning. Read more »

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Brian Orakpo Explains Clinton Portis' Hat Thing

Posted by Matt Terl on November 12, 2010 – 2:27 pm

Yesterday, Clinton Portis wore a Phillies hat during his interviews. This provoked a slightly cranky reaction among certain sections of Redskins fandom, perhaps best exemplified by the 1200+ comments in this post on the subject on Yahoo!’s Shutdown Corner blog. Portis’s explanation at the time was that the hat was red (which, in fact, it was) and matched his hoodie (which, in fact, it did), and that he didn’t have a red Nationals hat (which certainly could be true).

Today, Portis very deliberately came off the practice field in the direction of TV cameras wearing a red Washington Nationals cap. He opened by quoting an excerpt from Kanye West’s song Runaway that I’m not sure I can cite here and then explained, “I love the Nationals, you know? As soon as they tried to make it a big story about my Phillies cap, I got the Nationals [cap]. Washington. I’m a Washington Redskin, y’hear.”

The hat was sent over by the Nationals organization, Portis explained, “a good faith thing,” and when Brian Orakpo walked by, Portis told him, “I’m glad you brought it to my attention that they threw me under the bus from wearing a Phillies hat.”

Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet — apparently one of the bus-throwers — was unrepentant. “It’s Philly Week,” she said. “We had to!”

“It don’t matter,” Portis said. “As many times as you done seen me around here with a — I just had on a Texas hat, I had on a Giants hat … who else? I had on a New York hat… I wear a hat every day!”

“But,” Johnson said, “you can’t wear a Philly hat during Philly week!”

Portis seemed legitimately incredulous at this. “Man, you think I woke up, like, ‘Ooooo! I can’t put on this hat, we’re playing the….'” He shook his head. “It says Phillies, not Eagles. You won’t ever see me with green on.”

Since Orakpo was apparently the guy who had brought the whole kerfluffle to Portis’ attention, I caught up with him the locker room to see just how CP had reacted.
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Former Redskins QB's Wife Talks Healthy Tailgating, Food TV

Posted by Matt Terl on November 12, 2010 – 10:31 am

Tomorrow is the Fit For You 5K — register now! — and, in addition to celebrity fitness trainers and current Redskins players’ wives, an EX-players’ wife will be appearing as well. Yolanda Banks is the wife of Tony Banks, former Redskins quarterback, and she’ll be demonstrating how to tailgate — and eat — healthier, without sacrificing any of the flavor or fun of cooking at a tailgate.

Here’s one of her tips: “The biggest change you can make is using meats that have less saturated fat, number one. And you don’t have to sacrifice-it’s not like you have to not eat red meat. You can go to some of the healthier red meat options, like buffalo-you know, bison’s very, very lean.” (Mike Williams was also a huge proponent of bison meat, you’ll recall.)

That’s what Banks does, through her business Fresh Is Fabulous, but she’s also co-written a book, Cooking For Your Man, and has done cooking appearances on Good Morning Texas, At Home Live, and the Food Network.

Actually, food television had a pretty substantial influence on Banks’ entire life, starting in childhood.
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Hail! Runs The Two-Minute Drill

Posted by Matt Terl on November 12, 2010 – 8:20 am

I said it this summer, and I’ll say it again: comics have a long history of handling the biggest issues in society, and a fearless cartoonist will not shy away from controversy. Ben Ceccarelli, the writer/artist behind Hail!, is just such a cartoonist. Which he proves again today.

The only gag in here that might need some explanation is the repeated use of “Absoloooootely,” and for that we turn to Dan Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog. Steinberg noted the real Donovan McNabb‘s fondness for that phrase, and asked around the Redskins locker room to see if the players had as well. It’s a funny bit and you should go read all of it, but Vonnie Holliday summarizes for those of you who are pressed for time:

“That’s Donovan’s word,” Holliday told Steinberg. “It’s like his filler word. Even when he’s in the locker room, laughing, having a good time, if you say something, he’ll be like Absolooootely. No matter what it is, he’ll finish his statement with absolutely.”

If you’ve been following Redskins news at all for the past twelve days, the rest of this should pretty much explain itself.

As always, click this first panel or the Read More link to see the rest of the strip.

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