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Familiar Faces At The Fit For You 5K

Posted by Matt Terl on November 3, 2010 – 3:25 pm

Among the recurring sights at the inaugural Fit For You 5K in Indianapolis were Tanya Snyder and Christy Cooley — and not just because I was walking with them. The photos from the NFL’s women’s apparel ads were plastered everywhere, from tents, to the stage, to the START and FINISH arches, so it was the faces of Snyder, Cooley, Lena Ward (wife of Indianpolis Colts COO Pete Ward), and NFL fan Maria Munro repeating over and over and over again until it bordered on surreality.

And it was especially surreal for those four women.
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Donovan McNabb's Future And Some Other Bye Week Wednesday Links

Posted by Matt Terl on November 3, 2010 – 11:36 am

During his regular Tuesday radio appearance on ESPN980, Donovan McNabb said something that should set some minds at ease around Redskins Nation: the QB puts the chances that he’s the starting quarterback in Washington next season at “a hundred percent.”

When I tweeted this excerpt from the radio show, more than a couple of people took exception, saying that McNabb qualified the statement immediately afterward (true) and that he was just joking (didn’t sound like it to me, but you could make the argument).

Since I’ve got more than the Twitter-mandated 140 characters here, though, I present the unedited transcript of that section of the show. (You can listen for yourself in the ESPN980 Audio Vault, if you’d like.)

Host Kevin Sheehan: “Because when people saw you get pulled from the game and it wasn’t injury related, I think everybody thought, wow, what a crazy move, first of all, and what appeared to be sort of a dumb football decision to those of us who don’t know nearly as much as you guys know, obviously. But we also started to think, well, that’s it for Donovan. He’s not gonna be here next here. I mean, that was sort of a submarine move by the head coach. Percent chances right now that you’re in Washington as the starting quarterback next year.”

Donovan McNabb: “A hundred percent.”

Host Thom Loverro: “Wow. That’s–“

DM: “You asked ME.”

TL: “No, that’s as bold a statement as you can make about that. I would think that most Redskins fans that’d be great news, a hundred percent.”

DM: “Well, again, if I woulda said 75%, or 60%, then it woulda been another big story. A hundred percent.”

KS: “So you’re saying 100% to avoid it becoming a big story?”

DM: “I’ve got more than enough big stories going on right now.”

KS: “Are we close to a contract extension?”

DM: “That would be something we’ll definitely see.”

(Let me interject a clarification here — he’s not saying we’ll definitely see a contract extension; if you listen to the audio, he seems to be saying “we’ll see” with a stray “definitely” in it.)

KS: [paraphrase, because my audio had a glitch in it] Are the Redskins the hold-up on this contract extension?

DM: “Well, both parties are communicating. It’s not too much different from what’s going on in Indianapolis right now. Peyton has put it on hold, pretty much — they were trying to talk, they were going back and forth, and they decided to just put it on hold. Not to say that we’ve put it officially on hold, but there’s been communication, there’s been talk.”

KS: “But Peyton Manning’s gonna be a Colt next year. That’s almost a hundred percent.”

DM: “I said I’m a hundred percent, though.”

Of course, this isn’t actually news. As Dan Steinberg points out, McNabb has been consistently on-message as far as this goes; you can read eleven similar quotes since McNabb’s arrival over at Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog. Still: imagine the uproar if McNabb had actually come out and said, “Oh, about ten percent. Maybe twelve.” Eeesh.

Other things to read today, as Benchgate Detroit (hopefully) finally subsides: Read more »

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