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Mike Shanahan Explains Why Rex Grossman Was In, Among Other Things

Posted by Matt Terl on November 1, 2010 – 6:29 pm

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan’s press conference tend to be fairly dry, straightforward affairs. The number of anecdotes and tangents has fallen off precipitously since 2009. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be interesting, and today’s press conference was definitely in the “interesting” category.

Shanahan talked for just over fifteen minutes and addressed multiple questions about the decision to bench Donovan McNabb for the two-minute drill, as well as plenty of other issues coming out of a disheartening loss to the Lions.

Here are some of the crucial points: Read more »

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Rex Grossman 'Was Ready To Go'

Posted by Matt Terl on November 1, 2010 – 1:17 pm

When Rex Grossman came into the game on Sunday with 1:50 left on the clock, trailing by 6 and with no timeouts, just about everybody was shocked. Veteran beat reporters didn’t even realize what had happened until well after Grossman had been sacked, had fumbled, and the Lions were celebrating their touchdown. Plenty of Redskins players, including DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers mentioned today that they had no idea that the change had been made.

Heck, even Grossman himself felt it.

“I was surprised,” he said today. “But you don’t have a lot of time to think about how surprised you are. You’re trying to get ready, warm up, think about the plays you want to call in the two-minute situation. It was surprising, but I was ready to go.”

Grossman gave a bunch of reasons why he was ready; these included:

  • “Any competitor wants to have the ball in their hands at that situation.”
  • “I’ve got a lot of experience playing, and in big time situations. And I’ve played a lot in practice and preseason, and it does equate to regular season action.” (Followed by, for the benefit of a visibly skeptical reporter, “It does.”)
  • “It’s kinda like riding a bike. I felt good. I felt like I was ready even though it was late in the game, I hadn’t played, hadn’t really done anything for 58 minutes. But I did feel good, mentally and physically. I was ready to go.”
  • “All through the offseason we had two groups going, so I had about as many [reps] as Donovan had.”
  • “That’s what we get paid to do. Quarterbacks have to be able to run that situation; I feel like I was ready, and it just didn’t work out for the reason you saw on the field. But it’s not impossible, it’s just a difficult situation.”

Grossman was also ready in the immediate sense, having been told after Donovan McNabb‘s final drive that the change was coming. “As soon as we went four-and-out they told me we were using all our timeouts,” Grossman said. “And they ended up kicking a field goal, so I had that whole time to throw on the sidelines and get ready.”

But, even more interestingly, Grossman implied that he might’ve had a hint that this was coming sometime during the week of practice.
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Redskins @ Lions – Weekend In Review

Posted by Brian Tinsman on November 1, 2010 – 9:09 am

There’ll be plenty of follow-up to yesterday’s game throughout the day (although the picture above really sums up a lot of it). Open locker room is at 11:00, so expect player reactions some time shortly after that, and head coach Mike Shanahan is scheduled to have his press conference at 3:00.

For now, though, here’s a look back at some blog posts from this weekend that you may not have seen, especially if you’re the sort of person who stops reading the internet just before the start of happy hour on Friday.

And, if you’re some kind of masochist, here are the quarter-by-quarter updates from the game yesterday:

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