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The Women Of Washington Prepare For A 5K

Posted by Matt Terl on October 25, 2010 – 5:26 pm

On November 13, the Washington Redskins and the NFL will be hosting the “Fit For You 5K” at National Harbor. All proceeds from the event will benefit Play 60, a joint program between the NFL and the American Heart Association. I’ve mentioned this before — it’s tied in to the NFL’s new women’s initiative, and Tanya Snyder (wife of owner Daniel Snyder) and Christy Cooley (wife of Chris Cooley), two of the faces of that intiative, are leading the Redskins’ involvement in the 5K.

More than just “leading involvement,” Snyder and Cooley will actually be participating in the 5K, along with many other wives of Redskins players and coaches. In fact, that group has even gone so far as to take on a name: WOW, or Women Of Washington, which they wore on their basketball jerseys at the now-semi-legendary charity game in Philly.

Tanya Snyder explains, “We’ve always referred to the group as the team behind the team, because they are. These are the women that get everything done, and that support these men that make it happen for the Washington Redskins. I wanted it to be about everybody, and I wanted to call us something so that — for example — when we do an event, instead of me being up on stage or any one person, it’s everybody.” Hence the name, and hence the group’s increasingly visible profile.

Today, Snyder brought WOW together to work out with Tracy Anderson, creator of the Tracy Anderson Method and fitness trainer to stars like Shakira and Madonna. Anderson will also be at the Fit For You 5K, offering advice and inspiration, and she took today’s class as a chance to get WOW into 5K shape using her “method,” the mission of which (according to her website) “is to strengthen the smaller muscle groups so that these muscles can pull in the larger muscles – which results in a lean figure that is not bulky.”

What this actually looked like was an intense combination of yoga, cheerleading, and the movie Flashdance. Here’s Anderson leading the exercises: Read more »

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It’s Time To Vote For The Pro Bowl

Posted by Matt Terl on October 25, 2010 – 2:26 pm

All right, folks. It’s that time of year again: the fan voting portion of the Pro Bowl balloting has begun. And there are plenty of Redskins to choose from. These promos suggest a few — four for defense, three for offense, and One Man Gang Lorenzo Alexander for special teams — but feel free to depart from those suggestions and vote on your own. But do vote, early and often.

Here’s the defensive promo: Brian Orakpo, LaRon Landry, DeAngelo Hall, and London Fletcher.

And here’s offense and special teams: Santana Moss, special teamer Lorenzo Alexander, Mike Sellers, and Chris Cooley. Read more »

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So Who The Heck Do We Root For Tonight?

Posted by Matt Terl on October 25, 2010 – 11:02 am

The Redskins win yesterday, ugly though it may have been, will be recorded as a win in the record books forevermore. Which means that the Redskins are sitting at 4-3. The Philadelphia Eagles were roundly beaten by the Tennessee Titans yesterday, which means that they are also sitting at 4-3. The Redskins are ahead on all of the relevant tiebreakers (2-0 in the division, 4-1 in the conference, 1-0 head-to-head), so they’re ahead of the Eagles in the standings.

Then there are the other two teams in the division. The Cowboys are 1-4, with their one win coming against an AFC team. If they’re not officially “reeling” yet, they’re not far off.

The Giants, meanwhile, have recovered from a sluggish start to the season and are sitting at 4-2. They’re 3-0 in the conference, and they play their first division game on Monday Night Football tonight, against the not-quite-reeling Cowboys.

This leaves Redskins fans faced with a fairly major dilemma: who the heck to root for tonight?


The good:

  • The Giants would join the Eagles and Redskins at 4-3.
  • By virtue of tiebreakers, the Redskins would take over first place in the NFC East.
  • Eli Manning will probably make some ridiculous faces.

The less-good:

  • The Cowboys win, which is bad on its own merits.
  • The top of the NFC East race remains exceedingly tight.
  • The Cowboys, at 2-4, are still somewhat alive and in the hunt.
  • Tony Romo will look happy.


The good:

  • The Cowboys lose, which is always nice.
  • The Cowboys fall to 1-5, possibly sending their season into a chaotic tailspin from which they can’t recover.
  • Tony Romo will look sad, and probably give one of those glibly disappointed postgame press conferences.

The less-good:

  • The Giants take over sole possession of first place in the NFC East.
  • The Giants get a division win that might be important later.

The mitigating factor:

  • The Redskins still have two games against the Giants, and would thus (theoretically) be able to make up the one game difference and control their own destiny.

The one that I can’t decide if it’s good or bad:

  • The NFC East starts to become more spread out: Cowboys in the cellar, Giants in the lead, Redskins and Eagles bunched together in second place.

This is the only one that I’m sure I don’t like. If this happens, the Giants are STILL in sole possession of first place and the Cowboys STILL don’t fall to 1-5. So I’m not rooting for the tie.

I posed this question on Twitter (or, more specifically, Chris Chase got around to posing the question first and I quickly jumped on the discussion) and here are a few of the arguments: Read more »

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