Brian Orakpo Is Tired Of Being Held

Posted by Matt Terl on October 3, 2010 – 8:54 pm

Back when Brian Orakpo sealed the Redskins’ LAST heart-stopping down-to-the-final-play NFC East win, I talked to him about how his offensive lineman drawing a holding penalty on that play was just about as good as a sack, and he mostly agreed. Now it’s becoming a habit — there were at least two more penalties for guys holding Orakpo — and Orakpo’s getting a little less sanguine about the whole thing.

“I’m happy we got the win,” he said, “but obviously it is frustrating, because I do wanna get sacks. I do wanna get big plays. But guys just keep continuously to hold me out there.”

Orakpo is every bit a team guy, but he knows that his stats are taking a hit here. “They look at my numbers,” he said, “I got two sacks in four games so far, so they think it’s not good, but you gotta consider all the holding calls I’ve been getting and it’s getting kinda redundant right now.”

(I’m not sure who the “they” is that he was referring to there, as most Redskins fans I’ve talked to are keenly aware of the holding on Orakpo — nearly every single play, many of them will tell you. But whatever.)

Orakpo’s draw-a-holding-penalty technique has led fairly directly to two divisional wins, so I’m mostly okay with it, but I can certainly understand his frustration. I suggested that he should be flattered that this is the only way guys seem to be able to stop him, but he shrugged that idea right off.

“It don’t make me feel good,” he said, “but … like I said, I just wanna finish plays, get these sacks like I see other guys doing. They’re not letting me, so hopefully other teammates can shine while they’re holding me on the other side.”

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