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Reed Doughty Experiences A LaRon Landry Hit

Posted by Matt Terl on September 22, 2010 – 11:52 am

Reed Doughty looked like he was in pain in the postgame locker room Sunday night, and it was tough to point to one reason why. He was clearly angry at the loss and angry that he hadn’t been able to break up the crucial touchdown to Andre Johnson. (“I had an opportunity to end the game on an interception,” he said, “and yeah, there’s traffic, but there’s always gonna be traffic in the game. You gotta come up with those plays if you wanna be a playmaker. Obviously I’m frustrated.”)

But he also had found himself on the receiving end of more than one hit from LaRon Landry, and that had left him looking like he was in pain as well.

“It knocked the wind out of me,” Doughty said, “and I haven’t had the wind knocked out of me in a long time. It’s kinda scary. You know you’re gonna be okay, just not for those first few seconds.”
So, yeah, to be more accurate: Landry had buried his helmet in Doughty’s ribs, and it left him actually in pain, not just looking like he was in pain.

Landry explained, “I was trying to really go in and tear Dre’s [butt] up, but [Doughty] was in the way because he was trying to make a play on the ball. So nothing wrong with that.”

Doughty agreed. “I’m not gonna fault him for running into me when I’m trying to get a pick,” he said. “He’s trying to make a play too. I just gotta heighten my concentration and come up with that ball if I get his or not. It’s like a receiver, y’know?”

Still, what does it feel like when you get in between LaRon Landry and someone he’s trying to tear up?

“Oh, man,” Doughty said, “I thought I died.”

“We’re safeties,” Landry said philosophically, “so we have a nose for the ball. You just gotta get to the ball however. You’re paying attention to the ball, not paying attention to the man. So that’s when it happens.”

And Landry looked like he was in pain as well. And, like with Doughty, it was tough to pinpoint one reason why. There was physical pain, of course — you don’t sacrifice your body on the field the way Landry was doing without taking a toll on yourself — but also the pain of not even having the CHANCE to break up the same interception that Doughty was beating himself up for missing; that was one of the plays that Landry had to sit out with his physical injuries.

“Man, just to come out of the game,” Landry said, shaking his head, “and then a play where I was supposed to be defending the guy, over my backup, he catches it … it’s hard, you know what I mean? It feels like it’s my fault, like I shouldn’t’ve come out of the [goshdarned] game, you know? It’s hard, man.”

Dan Steinberg talks to Doughty AND other Redskins about Landry’s hitting style here. You should read it.

AP Photo.

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