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Someone Caught DeAngelo Hall

Posted by Matt Terl on September 13, 2010 – 11:12 am

Check out DeAngelo Hall‘s fumble recovery for a touchdown, arguably the biggest play of the game on either side of the ball.

Watch especially the moment at about 0:10, where Hall begins his scoop-and-score; he accelerates so quickly for the twenty yards between the 30 and the 10 that you are forcibly reminded that this is a guy who ran the 40-yard dash in 4.15 at Virginia Tech. No one was going to catch him, and it was so far from being close that Hall was able to decelerate and fearlessly celebrate for the final ten yards.

That’s the kind of speed Hall has when he’s motivated, and no one on the Cowboys was going to catch him. Too bad the Cowboys didn’t have Redskins Media Relations Assistant Matt Taylor on staff. Let’s let Rich Campbell of the Free Lance-Star tell the story (from his postgame musings and thoughts) and then go to the videotape.

My favorite moment of the night was one that you guys didn’t see on TV and might not appreciate anyway. Redskins PR superstar Matt “Archie” Taylor was on the Redskins sideline in a full suit and tie at the end of the game because he had to get CB DeAngelo Hall for a postgame interview with NBC’s Andrea Kremer.

Dallas scores the touchdown, but it’s negated by the holding penalty. Game over. Well, Hall is so jacked up that he starts sprinting to the locker room. Taylor’s eyes were fixed on Hall, and he thought Hall was running to go hug Clinton Portis. It quickly became apparent, though, that Hall was heading straight to the locker room. So Archie breaks into a full sprint in suit and tie from midfield and runs Hall down at the entrance to the tunnel. The interview apparently went through. If you only could have seen Arch’s suit jacket and tie flying as he was lifting those legs. High comedy!! Apparently there is video evidence of this.

There is indeed video evidence of this, Mr. Campbell, and here it is. Those of you out there who want to get PR internships in the NFL should take one valuable lesson away from this video: it can’t hurt to put your 40 time on your resume.

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