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Redskins @ Jets – Final Checklist Review

Posted by Matt Terl on August 27, 2010 – 10:07 pm

So I think I like the fundamentals of this checklist gimmick. It needs some refinement, but I think there’s a seed of a good idea here, and I’ve got a whopping one more preseason game to iron out the wrinkles. If you have any thoughts, drop a line and let me know.

Anyhow, let’s see how the remaining items on the list wound up:

@wasbossfwwe: Larry Johnson and Willie Parker having solid games

Willie Parker left the game with 16 yards on 8 carries, which would sound much worse if it weren’t better than Larry Johnson’s numbers from last week. And Johnson managed to use his late game carries to give some heft to the Redskins rushing stats. In all fairness, I think you’d have to call Johnson’s game solid — 9 carries for 42 yards, 1 catch for 15 yards and a touchdown — but it’s important to note that it came against backups. Still: if he weren’t solid against backups, LJ would REALLY be in trouble.

@coachjrb: would like to a balance between the run and the pass

32 passes, 29 runs. I’ll call that balance, especially since the running game really wasn’t working.

@obx4me: touchdowns

Well, touchdown, singular, but it was enough points to win the game. Which would be all that’s important, except that it’s preseason so that’s not really important. Still: a touchdown was scored in a crucial moment.

@beccasegal: some offense, of course!!!!!
@Seanotd: Scoring

Sixteen points against a stingy Jets defense isn’t terrible. Certainly better than the three from last week against Baltimore. I’ll count it as both “scoring” and “some offense”.

@scolba: A solid performance by the OL (2 sacks or less) against the formidable Jets D would be a spectacular thing to see!

Well, count this as one vote for a “spectacular” performance from the O-line: two sacks allowed. I certainly didn’t think they looked spectacular, but they acquitted themselves well against an aggressive (even in preseason) defense. But given this vote, I think I’ll also count this one as a positive:

@HMMIII: positive yards on 1st & 2nd dwn…good OL play…Sanchez on his butt more than his feet:)

And this one:

@focus189: Some scoring and some stingy defense.

The stinginess of the defense wasn’t the key — the Redskins have been stingy for a few years now. What was different, and important, and exciting to see, was the four takeaways. The refrain all offseason has been that the gambling, attacking 3-4 defense would result in more takeaways, and so far this preseason that seems to be bearing out. And without those turnovers, sixteen points likely wouldn’t have been enough to win.

Which means that there were only a few remaining items that weren’t achieved.

@BrainTrustFund: Trent Williams flattening people. One of the young RBs balling out.

Williams had an up-and-down game, but neither of the young RBs balled out at all. Keiland Williams’s 22 yard catch and run was the closest either of the two came, but at this point the whole running game — young guys and old guys — looks like a work in progress.

@SkinnyLiLFoster: Horton steps up his game
@Nikkijagd: more chris horton:)

Not so much, unfortunately.

Which means that — in final analysis — sixteen items finished as positives, while fourteen items were not achieved. Of course, if we factor out rainbows, Joe Gibbs, and Malcolm Kelly — all of which were equally unlikely to contribute to this game — the final tally is 16-11, just like the final score. I’m gonna take that coincidence as a positive sign for this approach. (And it doesn’t hurt that it more or less matches my general impression of the game: more good than bad, but still plenty to work on.)

Onward to Arizona, and then, FINALLY, the regular season.

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