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Some Notable Redskins Rides, And Other Pictures

Posted by Matt Terl on August 22, 2010 – 12:50 pm

Today is the Redskins Rides Car Show at Redskins Park, sponsored by Eastern Motors. There’s a lot to see out here, and — if you’re reading this on Sunday afternoon — possibly still time to get here to see it, as the show runs until 7:00. If it’s later than that or you can’t make it out … well, here are a few pictures to make up for it.

That burgundy Impala is perhaps the most interesting vehicle in the players’ section. The piece of paper under the windshield indicates that it’s Andre Carter‘s, but he’s the second owner in the Redskins family; the car originally belonged to the late Sean Taylor. “My wife got it for me in the auction,” Carter explained. Robert Bassam of Eastern Motors helps to maintain the car for Carter, and the defensive end has even made some updates to the vehicle. These headrests are the most notable:

This Cadillac lists as being London Fletcher’s, and it is awesome.

Alex Ovechkin isn’t on the Redskins, but he is affiliated with Eastern’s, so his (also awesome) car is here.
Sure, I could’ve shown a picture of Chris Cooley‘s Porsche or something, but I think the customized 47 Eastern Motors golf cart is much more appropriate.
Antwaan Randle El may have gone to Pittsburgh, but his lightcycle still makes appearances at Redskins Park.
The paper on the windshield of this next car would imply that it’s Kareem Moore‘s, but that’s not exactly correct. “That’s not my car,” Moore told me, surprised, “That’s Chris [Horton]‘s! I wanted to bring my car, but I thought the show was last week and I couldn’t get nobody to ship it up here fast enough.”

(Moore, for the record, was walking slightly gingerly and said he didn’t have any more information on his injury than he did last night.)

Horton laughed when he saw the label. “I let him borrow the car,” he said. “His car’s back at home, so I let him borrow it for awhile. I guess the guy who shows up in it, it’s his car.”

Here’s Clint Oldenburg, not actually part of the show, just arriving at the facility. Predictably, the arrival of a large white guy in a truck caused a number of fans to start chanting for Chris Cooley.
There are also plenty of cool customized cars, like this one …
… and fun sponsors like Baja Fresh, the Virginia Lottery, and Boss Hawg’s Barbecue, and Hooters. None of my pictures of the Baja Fresh kiosk came out, so you’ll have to settle for this photo to stand in for all the other sponsors. Sorry about that.

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  1. By moe on Aug 8, 2012 | Reply

    this year on august 19th 2012 the redskins rides will be held at 21300 redskins park drive ashburn va from 12am-5pm hope to see you out there!!!!!!

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