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Some Notable Redskins Rides, And Other Pictures

Posted by Matt Terl on August 22, 2010 – 12:50 pm

Today is the Redskins Rides Car Show at Redskins Park, sponsored by Eastern Motors. There’s a lot to see out here, and — if you’re reading this on Sunday afternoon — possibly still time to get here to see it, as the show runs until 7:00. If it’s later than that or you can’t make it out … well, here are a few pictures to make up for it.

That burgundy Impala is perhaps the most interesting vehicle in the players’ section. The piece of paper under the windshield indicates that it’s Andre Carter‘s, but he’s the second owner in the Redskins family; the car originally belonged to the late Sean Taylor. “My wife got it for me in the auction,” Carter explained. Robert Bassam of Eastern Motors helps to maintain the car for Carter, and the defensive end has even made some updates to the vehicle. These headrests are the most notable: Read more »

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One Of The Players Of The Game

Posted by Matt Terl on August 22, 2010 – 11:45 am

Choosing a “Player Of The Game” in preseason can be an exercise in extreme frustration. One minute you’re congratulating, say, Marcus Mason for rushing for a whole bunch of yards against someone’s third-team defense, the next you’re sitting there wondering why he got cut.

And choosing a “Player Of The Game” for the losing side of a 23-3 loss can be tricky under the best of circumstances.

Despite those two things, though, if you HAD to choose the Player Of The Game for last night, I think we can all agree that Anthony Armstrong has to be in the discussion. Four receptions for 82 yards, including a 45 yarder from Donovan McNabb and a tough catch on a poorly thrown pass, have the longshot looking like a presumptive lock for the rosters.

But Armstrong and I have had enough talks about this sort of thing that, when I approached him in the postgame locker room, I didn’t even need to say anything. He’s such a professional that he can even conduct both sides of his own interviews. Read more »

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Scenes From A Rough Evening

Posted by Matt Terl on August 22, 2010 – 12:12 am

The big story in the locker room was, obviously, Albert Haynesworth spouting off again. I am beyond tired of this ongoing drama, so if you want to read about that, check out Rich Campbell’s transcript over at the Free Lance-Star and thrill to the annoyance.

But Haynesworth didn’t really need to speak up, because there were plenty of other negative things to explore in the post-game locker room. Here’s a few.

Chris Wilson’s Head

The final injury of the game, pictured above, was Chris Wilson losing his helmet and writhing in agony during the fourth quarter. “Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you,” Wilson said. I asked how it was, and he shrugged. “It hurts. It hurts a little bit.”

No stitches, he said, “but it’s swelling on me — as you can see.” This was true. There was a knot on Wilson’s head the size of a nine-volt battery, along with a bandage. But Wilson declined to be compared to the most recent major facial injury in the NFL.

Eli Manning scraped his head,” Wilson explained. “I busted my head. Eli Manning probably had more blood, though.”

(London Fletcher, passing by at this point, noted, “Eli Manning was leaking.”)

Ultimately, though, Wilson said he was fine and dismissed the incident philosophically. “Game ain’t meant to be played without a helmet,” he said.

Then there was….
Read more »

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