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The 2010 Dead Man Suit Award Is Slightly Confusing

Posted by Matt Terl on August 20, 2010 – 6:25 pm

Last year, Rocky McIntosh introduced us all to the concept of the Dead Man Suit Award, given annually to the player at the Welcome Home Luncheon whose suit most looks like it was stolen from a coffin somewhere. Safeties coach Steve Jackson was last year’s surprise winner, following Justin Tryon and Andre Carter the two years prior.

This year, I wasn’t able to stick around for the announcement of the winner — I was in Arlington doing a lottery thing, and congratulations to Joe from Alexandria, who won a T-shirt and whole bunch of other stuff! — so I was forced to ask around about the award while the judging was still in progress; even so, the field seemed to have been narrowed to three guys.

“Starts with Haynesworth, Devin Thomas, and [Director of Player Development] Bobby Crumpler,” LaRon Landry told me.

“Mr. Haynesworth’s in there,” Rocky McIntosh confirmed, “which is totally ridiculous considering the 100 million dollar contract.”

Both guys cited the same reason for Haynesworth’s inclusion: excess arm ornamentation. “Those motorcycle pads he has on his elbows,” McIntosh explained, while Landry apparently tweeted a picture of them.

Crumpler made the list because, according to Landry, “he has on a black tie with a brown and green suit.” I suggested letting Crumpler off the hook, but Landry was adamant.

Thomas suggested that Landry had just named him to be ornery, but Landry had a very specific complaint: “Devin’s shirt’s just too tight,” he said. “It looks like he has an Under Armour shirt on. He’s not in a video right now, he needs to find a shirt that fits him.”

So there you go. It sort of seems like Landry has instead gone ahead and given the award to himself, which doesn’t make the MOST sense in the world, but it’s probably best just to not think to hard about it.

Some more pictures from the luncheon, after the jump.
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Redskins Players Of The Year

Posted by Matt Terl on August 20, 2010 – 1:34 pm

One of the highlights of the annual Welcome Home Luncheon is the presentation of the Redskins Player Of The Year awards. The fine folks over at the Redskins Broadcast Network put together a highlight package, the players get to get up and accept their awards, everyone gets to applaud, and we finally and officially say goodbye to last season.

Here are this year’s winners, along with their highlight videos. Enjoy ’em, and then let’s all say goodbye — and good riddance — to 2009.

Defensive Player of the Year: London Fletcher

http://p.castfire.com/UwIWI/video/398428/redskins_2010-08-20-105628.895.m4v Read more »

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WHL: John Beck Plays The Piano

Posted by Matt Terl on August 20, 2010 – 1:11 pm

As the players stood queued on the stairs at the annual Welcome Home Luncheon, dressed to the nines in their suits and fidgeting as they waited to be introduced, quarterback John Beck slipped to the top of the stairs, edged past a few confused ushers and took a seat at the largely ornamental-looking piano. After a few false starts and some plinking around, the opening bars of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” began to play.

I thought it might be a Joey Harrington type situation, a backup QB’s with a hidden talent as a concert pianist. That turned out to be a little larger than the truth. Read more »

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Kedric Golston On Blocking For Kicks

Posted by Matt Terl on August 20, 2010 – 11:17 am

Seems like quite the week for me noticing some new things about the special teams units. First it was Reed Doughty taking over the personal protector spot, now it’s Kedric Golston lining up as part of the protection crew for PATs. When the PAT crew took the field, Golston’s practice jersey — the burgundy that the defense wore throughout this training camp — stood out among the white jerseys of, mostly, guys who make a living blocking rushers, and it was worth asking the hard-working defensive lineman about his special teams side gig.

“It’s something that I take a lot of pride in,” Golston says. “I guess [special teams coach] Danny Smith trusts me at the position.”

That’s a bit of an understatement.
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See Me In Arlington This Afternoon, Win Fabulous Prizes

Posted by Matt Terl on August 20, 2010 – 9:41 am

Today is the first Redskins Legacy Fan Friday, brought to you by the Virginia Lottery and the Redskins Legacy scratcher. This is a pretty straightforward thing: the first person to arrive at any one of the listed locations during the listed timeframe with the correct answer to this week’s trivia question wins a free Redskins T-shirt.

And that’s pretty cool. But even MORE exciting is the fact that I’ll be AT the Randolph Deli in Arlington from 3:00 to 4:00, and I may have some other surprises in addition to the T-shirt. So if you see me wandering around Arlington, say hi. And feel free to try answering this week’s trivia question:

Ted Marchibroda made his coaching debut with the Redskins AND was the first head coach of the Ravens? True or False Read more »

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Hail! Updates Donovan McNabb's Hair

Posted by Matt Terl on August 20, 2010 – 8:49 am

Because I was a neurotic little kid in the eighties, it always frustrated me that cartoon characters never changed their hairstyles. How come Scarlett in G.I. Joe always wore that ponytail? Why didn’t He-Man ever rock a goatee? Didn’t Ms. Pac-Man have another bow? And so on.

Hail! creator Ben Ceccarelli, however, works in a more realist vein. When Cartoon Donovan McNabb made his debut, he was bald, to reflect Real Donovan McNabb’s April lack-of-hairstyle. Now that Real Donovan McNabb has grown his hair back in, so has his cartoon counterpart. I really admire attention to detail like that. If only Ceccarelli could go back in time and give Charlie Brown a couple more shirts…..

As always, click the image or the Read More link to see the remainder of the strip. If the punchline to this one confuses you, review this link.

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