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Redskins vs. Bills – Fourth Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 10:36 pm

Keiland Williams puts the final bit of ganache on Devin Thomas‘s icing of the cake that the first-string guys baked, and the Redskins go on to win 42-17. That’s the most points the Redskins have scored in a preseason game since 1988, 91 preseason games ago. So, yeah, it’s just meaningless preseason … but, man, that’s much better than last year’s meaningless preseason opener, a 23-0 loss to the Ravens.

I’m heading down to the locker room for quotes and the like; while I do that let me direct you to go choose the Redskins Player Of The Game for a chance to win great prizes presented by the Virginia Lottery.

The Shanahan/Allen/McNabb era is off to a solid preseason start, I’d say. Read more »

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Redskins vs. Bills – Third Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 10:03 pm

Not sure that there’s much to react to beyond this video that @Unsilent took of his television, as pint-sized rookie Brandon Banks makes up for a muffed punt with this touchdown return followed by the John Wall dance. The appropriate reaction, obviously, is “Wow.”

http://www.twitvid.com/player/SXIRG Read more »

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Redskins vs. Bills – Second Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 9:19 pm

That picture up there is Trent Williams during pregame warmups, sitting on the bench watching himself on the videoboards, bearhugging the NFL commissioner on draft day. This points up the main problem I’m having watching this game today: I keep getting completely distracted by the videoboards, and it’s giving me an ADHD fit. It’s a problem that I’m happy to have and I’m looking forward to getting over, but it’s a pity because this game has been a pleasure to watch so far.

  • Albert Haynesworth made his preseason debut with the second team defense, and — by sheer coincidence, I’m sure — the Bills offense promptly got called for two false start penalties. Also, blitzing from behind Haynesworth, rookie Perry Riley made it clear into the backfield and got a clean hit on quarterback Trent Edwards. Vonnie Holliday also got some good pressure at times.
  • Rex Grossman has his moments of abject bizarreness, times where you wonder what on Earth he could possibly have been thinking with a throw, but he’s also capable of making plays, and he came out of the second quarter with a solid stat line, 8-for-13 for 78 yards and a touchdown.
  • After Ryan Torain, Keiland Williams came in at running back. He played well, but you have to wonder if this means anything for Larry Johnson or Willie Parker. I’m betting the coach’s answer is that he wanted to see what the young guys could do, but … it’s interesting.
  • Fred Davis scored a touchdown on one of those bizarre Grossman decisions, but I’m not churlish enough to argue with the results.
  • It feels like ages since the Redskins were leading by 18 at the half.

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Redskins vs. Bills – First Quarter Reactions

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 8:20 pm

The Redskins finish the first quarter leading the game 7-3 and holding the ball deep in Bills territory after a DeAngelo Hall interception. I’ve been offering some commentary on Twitter throughout the game and will continue to do so throughout , but here are a few summary points:

  • Donovan McNabb finishes the quarter 5-for-8 for 58 yards and a touchdown, and a QB rating of 124. More importantly, he showed that he can still control the field and make something happen when the play breaks down, and even more important he left the field healthy.
  • Another offseason point of emphasis: creating turnovers. Just before the quarter ended, Adam Carriker got pressure on Trent Edwards and Hall stepped in front of the receiver to make the interception. So, check. Doubly important, because the defense was having some trouble stopping the run to the offense’s right and this marked quite the momentum shift.
  • Chris Cooley returned healthy from his injury, took a few hits, caught three of McNabb’s passes for 33 yards, and generally looked Cooley-ish. Must be the carrots.
  • Ryan Torain was the second running back after Clinton Portis. Not sure what that’s all about, but you can bet it’ll be a topic of conversation postgame.

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Chief Zee Gets A New Headdress

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 7:07 pm

Redskins superfan Zema Williams, better known as Chief Zee, has been wearing one version or another of his trademark headdress since 1978 The headdresses were made for him in Oklahoma by a company that’s since gone out of business, and, Chief Zee says, “I was on my last him.”

Enter Redskins superfans Huly and Pez from Extremeskins. They came to know Dewey McMahon through his Kitchen Wizard business and realized that he might be able to help solve the problem. It took 62 hours, McMahon says, but he succeeded.

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Will Donovan McNabb Face Any Booing?

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 3:26 pm

With the exception of the images from this photo shoot, tonight’s game against the Bills will mark the first time Donovan McNabb appears in the gameday uniform of the Washington Redskins. It’s also the first time he’ll be wearing that uniform in front of the home crowd at FedExField.

He’s been practicing with the team for so long now that it’s hard to remember this, but when McNabb arrived I actually heard from a lot of fans who claimed that they were going to have trouble rooting for the longtime division rival. Tonight’s the first night to see what those people actually do, and McNabb, for one, isn’t too worried about what his reception will be.

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LaRon Landry Also Has Interesting Training Camp Style

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 10:36 am

It’s an annual ritual of preseason, choosing “Players To Watch” in the games. I’ve been asked this question a few times already — on the radio, on Redskins Nation, via email — and I’ve given a different answer each time. Not because I have difficulty making up my mind, but because just about EVERYONE on the Redskins is competing for something — playing time, respect, redemption, validation, whatever.

There’s going to be live pregame show (cleverly titled Redskins Pre-game Live, sponsored by Verizon Fios) on Redskins.com tonight at 6:30; I’ll be on it, and I fully expect to be asked AGAIN for a Player To Watch. This time, I’m going to say LaRon Landry, and the more I think about it the more convinced I am that he’s the correct answer.

Landry had a rough year last year, and is already being considered a draft bust by some. He displayed a tendency to go for the explosive killshot rather than the sure tackle, and he also had some problems getting beaten in coverage. But he’s an exceedingly gifted athlete, and it’s always looked like — if he could just put everything together — he could be dominating force in the secondary.

This year looks like his chance. The new, attacking defensive scheme should accentuate Landry’s strong points, and being positioned closer to the line of scrimmage might make better use of his strength and power. And, perhaps most importantly, he’s approaching the season with a renewed sense of seriousness and focus.

After a practice that saw Landry recognize and blow up a screen pass last week, safeties coach Steve Jackson was asked what had made the most difference in Landry’s play this year. “Focus, focus, focus,” Jackson said. “Now as opposed to just going out and trying to make plays, he wants to understand ‘What happened on that play’, ‘What did I do wrong’, ‘What do I need to fix so that the next play I get even that much closer to the ball and that much closer to the tackle.’ And, I mean, it’s every play.”

And this, Jackson made clear, is new behavior: “He wasn’t like that last year,” Jackson said. “He relied more on his athletic ability.”

So that’s why LaRon Landry is my player to watch tonight. Now, all that having been said, he certainly hasn’t dialed down the unique personality he brings to practice. Like the thing hanging off his uniform in the picture above. “That’s my tiger tail,” he says.

Ask if it’s somehow related to mascot at LSU, his alma mater, and Landry shrugs. “I’m just accustomed to the tiger tail,” he says. “I always do the tiger tail.”

Then there are the shoes: Read more »

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Hail! Goes For Some Rookie Hazing

Posted by Matt Terl on August 13, 2010 – 8:20 am

Well thank freaking goodness: football tonight, just a scant few hours away now. I’ll be out at the stadium fairly early, mooching food from tailgaters and taking pictures of the first FedExField revelries of the Shanahan/McNabb/Allen era, and (of course) will be writing during and after the game this evening.

But, for this morning, the latest installment of Hail!, written and drawn by Ben Ceccarelli. As always, click on the first panel or the Read More link to see the rest of the strip.

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