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Russ Grimm Prepares For His Enshrinement

Posted by Matt Terl on August 6, 2010 – 6:57 pm

Tomorrow, Redskins offensive line great Russ Grimm will be enshrined in the Hall Of Fame. Today, he ran the gauntlet of day-before-enshrinment events: a luncheon with existing Hall of Famers. A dinner, where he’ll be presented with his Hall of Fame jacket — I’m writing this in the media workroom of the Canton Civic Center during the ramp-up to that event. And, sandwiched between, a brief open media session with all of the visiting press.

Grimm talked a lot about his Pittsburgh roots — fellow enshrinees Rickey Jackson and Dick LeBeau also have Pittsburgh ties — and a lot about the impressive credentials of the rest of his Hall class. But most interesting to me was Grimm’s discussion of his preparation for tomorrow’s ceremony.

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Chris Cooley Stores Children In Donovan McNabb's Locker

Posted by Matt Terl on August 6, 2010 – 12:55 pm

I’m en route to Canton for the Hall of Fame enshrinement — so far, one delayed plane, one delayed car rental, and a hugely delayed baggage claim, so we’re doing great! — but Chris Cooley’s latest video blog for CSNWashington is way too amusing not to share.


Canton content to follow soon. Hopefully.
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Two Quiet Guys: Rocky McIntosh And Dennis Morris

Posted by Matt Terl on August 6, 2010 – 9:25 am

There are a few categories of guys who really get NOTICED at training camp. (Where, for purposes of this writing, “noticed” means written about, talked about, thought about, analyzed, broken down, and turned into potential franchise saviors or destroyers.)

First, especially at the 2010 Redskins training camp, are the guys who get noticed for some off-the-field issue. Say, just to choose an example at random, a defensive tackle who needs to complete a conditioning test while also suffering a knee injury AND boycotting the media. That gets a little bit of notice.

Second are the guys who get noticed for doing well. They show up as Studs in Studs and Duds columns, they’re pitched as Break-Out Players or Ones To Watch or Dudes Who Is Doing Good, and by the end of camp everyone knows who they are. Guys in this category for the 2010 Redskins would include Kareem Moore, Brian Orakpo, and Larry Johnson.

Johnson also fits into the third category: guys who get noticed because they are offseason stories Willie Parker would be an example of this, as would Jammal Brown and (obviously) Donovan McNabb. Their arrival here was dramatic; now we’re finally seeing what they can do on the field.

The highly-touted rookies would be a fourth category, and aging veterans trying to eke out one more year a fifth. Guys who are looking for redemption after disappointing years might be a sixth, and guys who are struggling mightily a seventh.

You would think that between these seven categories and any others I’m not thinking of, you would’ve covered the entire Redskins roster. But there are always guys who fall through the cracks. Draft choices who aren’t selected notably high, don’t have any specifically noteworthy pedigree, and haven’t yet dazzled anyone with a specific on- or off-field talent. Or reliably solid veterans who are continuing to perform with reliable solidity.

Say, for example, sixth-round pick Dennis Morris, a tight end, and veteran linebacker Rocky McIntosh, respectively. Well, some people noticed that very little had actually BEEN said about these two, so I grabbed each of them coming off the field yesterday and conducted a very quick state-of-training-camp interview. Just so we can figure out which category to slot them into, really. Read more »

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Devin Thomas Joins The Cast Of Hail!

Posted by Matt Terl on August 6, 2010 – 8:00 am

I’m on my way to Canton to cover Russ Grimm’s enshrinement in the Hall of Fame, so I won’t have any blog or Twitter updates on practice-related matters today. That probably means today’s the day that Haynesworth runs. Anyhow, start your day with the latest installment of Hail!, the Official Comic Strip of the Official Redskins Blog, and I’ll have another update or two before I start (hopefully) providing Canton content.

I covered Devin Thomas‘s offseason — zany and non-zany portions — earlier this week, and reached the conclusion that Thomas was reaching a new level of maturity and had a renewed focus on football despite some of the seemingly extracurricular stuff.

I stand by that assessment, but Hail! writer/artist Ben Ceccarelli has decided that Thomas’s offseason wouldn’t be complete until he showed up as a cartoon. So here he is, and NOW he can have that renewed focus entirely on football.

As always, click on this first panel or the Read More link to see the rest.

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