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Russ Grimm Is Not A Fashion Plate

Posted by Matt Terl on August 3, 2010 – 6:09 pm

You’d never guess from the picture above, but Original Hog and soon-to-be Hall of Famer Russ Grimm apparently isn’t much of a clotheshorse. Grimm had a conference call today as a prelude to his upcoming enshrinement in the Hall Of Fame this weekend, and this is easily my favorite part of the transcript:

On how he went about getting somebody to handle all this stuff for him like picking out his suits:

“It is pretty easy because I am not one of those fashion (people). The fashion police, if I had my pick of what I am wearing they would probably tear me up every day.

“I have the stuff sitting there, it’s just match it up.

“I don’t even know where I am supposed to be. They have the schedule. I know I have to do something on Thursday night. I said what is it, (they said), ‘Don’t worry, the stuff is marked. This is what you wear on Thursday. This is what you wear Friday.’

“So I am just going to put it on. If it looks good it looks good. I am one of those people like, I put clothes or get a haircut and my thing always is, you get a haircut and the first thing they do is they put the mirror up and you sit there and say what is the mirror for? ‘Well, don’t you want to look at the back of it?’ I am not looking at the back of my head.

“So I am not really looking down at what I am wearing all the time. You have to look at it. You make the decision of whether it looks good or not. I just put it on and go.”

Grimm — who is being introduced by the legendarily salty and inspirational Joe Bugel — also notes that he hasn’t even finished his induction speech yet, let alone rehearsed. So, yeah, I’m getting more and more excited about this weekend with each passing day.

The full transcript is after the jump. Read more »

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A Helpful Side Of Albert Haynesworth

Posted by Matt Terl on August 3, 2010 – 3:55 pm

It appears that Jeremy Jarmon has been officially assigned to the defensive line, after an offseason in which he was rumored to be a tweener or a linebacker. According to his head coach, it’s a move that suits him well. “He has been playing well,” Mike Shanahan said after practice, “especially since he has been playing that position for a little bit.”

Another guy who agrees with that assessment of Jeremy Jarmon is one Jeremy Jarmon. “I’m starting to get comfortable down there,” he said. “Every day I just try to come out here and get better at something, not let Coach sound like a broken record in the meeting rooms and try to get him to say some different things so we can past some of the fundamental things.”

And some of the speedbumps really are fundamental: Jarmon’s responsibilities in the 3-4 base defense are almost diametrically opposite his responsibilities in a 4-3. “In a 3-4, my job’s not really to get up the field on the snap of the ball,” Jarmon said, “but more to go lateral, to contain that B-gap or C-gap or whatever it is that we’re containing. Whereas in the 4-3 the first thing you’re thinking is getting off the ball and THEN reacting, here you’re reacting first.”

The second-year lineman is confident he’ll be successful — “It’s definitely something I’ll be able to do,” he said — but it’s still a transition. Which means there are things he could improve, and it’s no surprise that the veterans on the team have some advice to offer.

What was a surprise today is which veteran was doing most of the advising.
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Artis Hicks On Brett Favre's Supposed Retirement

Posted by Matt Terl on August 3, 2010 – 1:36 pm

It used to be that Jason Campbell was the resident Brett Favre expert. They grew up in rural towns very near one another in Mississippi, and whenever Favre would retire or unretire or whatever, Campbell was the guy that the local media would go to for quotes. That, obviously, is no longer an option.

But when news started emerging today that Favre might actually be, you know, retiring FOR REALS, the scramble was on to find a Redskins-related angle to the news. Safeties coach Steve Jackson seemed like a promising choice when he revealed that he had faced off against Favre in the Senior Bowl before they began their NFL careers, but when pressed for details he laughed and said, “What happens in Mobile stays in Mobile.” (Which was surely, as one observer noted, the first time THAT particular sentence has ever been uttered.)

Head coach Mike Shanahan coached Favre in the Pro Bowl, but remained wary of the reports, noting, “I’ve gotta see it before I believe it.”

And then I thought of new offensive lineman Artis Hicks. Hicks played in all sixteen games in Minnesota last year, starting three, and — as you can see from the photo above — has even been the recipient of the exuberant Favre hugs that announcers like so much. His reaction, despite all of the rumors and the back-and-forth and the neverending speculation, was surprise.

“I’m shocked,” Hicks told me, “big time. If he’s saying that he can’t do it because of that ankle, then that’s what it is, because he’s such a committed guy. We saw it last year, when he showed up he was a hundred percent all in. So you know it’s a serious issue and he’s just not comfortable with it.”

Still, Hicks was philosophical about the news. “Sometimes that just how the cookie crumbles,” he said. “If it truly is over for him, he had a great run. He should have no regrets. Even though last year ended on an interception, there are some other things that could’ve happened a little differently that wouldn’t’ve put him in that situation, maybe. It was just how it came down.”

What was most interesting about Hicks’s description of working with Favre — especially from a Redskins perspective — was what he said when I asked if they had given Favre a hard time with his inability to make a decision.

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Andre Carter Does Not Like Enya

Posted by Matt Terl on August 3, 2010 – 1:21 pm

Chris Wilson and Andre Carter have a fair bit in common. They’re both pass-rushing specialists being converted to linebacker. They’ve both 6-foot-4 and around 250 pounds. And neither of them likes the music of Enya.

You may be wondering how that last subject came up, and rightly so. In the list of things discussed at training camp, New Age Celtic music ranks somewhere below taxidermy as a popular topic. But Wilson — a musician and fan of eclectic music — was controlling the iPod while the guys were in the ice baths after practice and Coldplay came on. This prompted Carter to ask Wilson if he had any Enya, in a tone that actually sounded serious.

“No,” Carter said flatly. “I was joking with him. Chris is a cultural guy. He loves all type of music, so I had to give him a hard time. That’s old spa music.”

Which is a pretty accurate description of Enya’s sound, and betrayed much more familiarity with the Celtic balladeer than Wilson did.

“Man,” Wilson said, “I don’t even know what that question means. Is Enya a group?”

The whole thing stems, apparently, from Wilson’s days in Canada. “Back in my CFL days I listened to a lot of pop,” he explained, adding, “you know, that’s what they listen to.” (Where “they,” I guess, is Canadians.)

Wilson continued, “I’ve got Coldplay ‘Speed Of Sound,’ [OneRepublic’s] ‘Too Late To Apologize”. I don’t know all the artists and such, but I just like good music, no matter what kind. If it’s good, it’s good, and if it’s not….”

He trailed off, but I’ll leave you with Enya’s biggest hit and you can finish the sentence however you’d like.

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Larry Johnson's Shoes

Posted by Matt Terl on August 3, 2010 – 9:48 am

Larry Johnson, despite his reputation as a less-than-loquacious dude, has rapidly established himself as one of the more interesting guys to talk to about the off-the-field aspects of football. He’s a voracious student of NFL history, a former football card collector, and an avid videogame player, and he’s proved willing to chat about all those things.

Also, he’s got these shoes, custom-made through NikeID, black and gold with Truck on the back of the left foot and Stick on the back of the right foot.

People who have played the Madden Football videogame since the 06 version know what the truck stick is — a flick of the right control stick that causes the running back to lower his shoulder and take on a would-be tackler. But that doesn’t immediately explain why it’s on Larry Johnson’s shoes. Read more »

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