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Kareem Moore Is A Skip Bayless Fan

Posted by Matt Terl on July 31, 2010 – 3:18 pm

When Stephen A. Smith took a bit of a shot at the Redskins on Twitter the other day, saying they’d finish 8-8, Kareem Moore tweeted a response. Due to the inherent limitations of Twitter — especially since Moore had to include a quote from the notoriously verbose Smith — Moore’s response was relatively terse, just the emphatic-looking “WOWWWWWW.” So I caught up with the safety to see if he could expand on that a little bit.

“You just wanna go out there and prove everybody wrong, man,” Moore said. “You know, 8 and 8?!? And just wanted to do it so all the fans could see it, ’cause I don’t know if they follow him or not.”

I mentioned that I did not, which is when Moore — a likeable, funny guy — offered up an opinion that shocked me.
“I love listening to what he’s got to say,” Moore said, “his opinion on things. Him and [ESPN’s] Skip Bayless? I love listening to those guys. I like how they’re opinionated, they don’t care if they hate people’s feelings — kinda like Charles Barkley, y’know?”

I like Barkley. Barkley is a terrific commentator (especially now that he’s a Redskins fan). But I’m not a fan of either Smith or Bayless, each of whom seems to me to represent one of the worst facets of ESPN, and I said so.

Moore was appalled. “Skip Bayless, man!” he said. “I’m not saying I agree with what they say, but they hold up for what they like.”

Well, that’s true. They certainly stick to their opinions. They may express those opinions in the most annoying, didactic, television-blowhard-ish way possible, but they stick to ’em.

(That all took place yesterday. The picture of Moore wearing the hat is from today. “Man, you know, the fans told me to wear their hat,” he explained, “so I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll wear it.’ I gotta make a fashion statement like I always do.” Fred Davis — who would later don the hat himself — approved. “I think it’s beautiful,” Davis said.)

Thanks to Jamie Mottram for snapping the photo.

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