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Chris Cooley, Like All Of Us, Is Ready For Training Camp

Posted by Matt Terl on July 26, 2010 – 10:55 am

With training camp all set to start up on Thursday, players are getting back into town and getting ready to give up free time for the next half year or so. And they’re talking about it in radio interviews.

Chris Cooley was on the The Opening Drive on Sirius NFL Radio today, with Bob Papa and Peter King; I didn’t hear it, but apparently someone by the screenname of kappaluvacee at ExtremeSkins did, because they posted an entire transcript. That is some remarkable dedication, although no more than I’d expect from the ExtremeSkins folks.

And it’s an interview full of optimism, especially about new QB Donovan McNabb. (Which is good. I always say this at this time of year, but it bears repeating: if the players and coaches AREN’T being hopeful and optimistic as training camp begins, that’s probably a catastrophically bad sign.)

Here’s a few excerpts from kappaluvacee’s transcript; check out the whole thing in the link above.
On what he’s noticed about Donovan McNabb:

“1st he throws the ball real hard! He has a cannon. 2nd, I’m seeing balls that I probably should have gotten before, but wasn’t ever thrown. Donovan will take chances with his playmakers. He believes in that! Sometimes I think, I can’t believe he put that ball in here, but he just gave me a chance to make this play!”

On the Shanahan offense:

“I’m in love with it already. It’s a totally different concept. They make you learn every position. You could be anywhere on the field at any time. They guarantee that the guy who makes the most plays will continue to get balls. It’s the playmaker mentality. Kyle is going to call some big plays. He wants down the field shots. It makes sense, I like it, and it’s fun. We’ll have our struggles but that happens in an NFL offense.”

On training camp:
“We spend so much time in the offseason staying around the facility that when we get to camp, The coaches already know where we are physically. I’m glad we’re not having two-a-days in our training camp this year. It is what it is though. Training camp concept is kind of a thing of the past since there’s no real offseason and teams stay around the facility year round.”

More here.

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