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Charles Barkley Creates His Own 'R You In' Spot On Philly TV

Posted by Matt Terl on July 19, 2010 – 1:39 pm


More than a few Eagles fans at Donovan McNabb‘s youth football camp stopped by to tell me that they were still rooting for McNabb after the trade. That Philadelphia had never appreciated him properly. That they might even find themselves rooting for the Redskins. But none of those fans went so far as to proclaim that they would wear a McNabb Redskins jersey to the Eagles/Redskins game in Philly, or to publicly disavow their allegiance to the Eagles.

Of course, none of them (to the best of my knowledge) was an eleven-time NBA All-Star who could make that sort of declaration to Philadelphia sportscaster John Clark on the Philadelphia NBC affiliate. Charles Barkley is, and Charles Barkley did.

This could’ve been angry TV, or dull TV, but — because Barkley is arguably even better on TV than he was on the basketball court — it came off relatively funny and sharp.

Clark wasn’t even able to get his first question out before Barkley jumped in on him: “That’s why I’m a Washington Redskins fan now! ‘Cause y’all have never treated Donovan the way he’s deserved, with the respect and credit he’s deserved. He’s been a great player — you know, people say ‘He hasn’t won the Super Bowl,’ but he took ’em to five NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl. That’s a great record in a short period of time. And I’m pulling for the Washington Redskins from now on. Yes, John Clark.”

That last aside came because Clark was shaking his head, astonished. “You cannot be serious! Eagles, Redskins, you’re rooting for the Redskins?” Read more »

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The Redskins — And The New Videoboards — In Madden 11

Posted by Matt Terl on July 19, 2010 – 11:25 am

I had gotten over the whole “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Donovan McNabb looks WEIRD in a Redskins uniform!!!!!!!” thing a few weeks back. Guys changing uniforms is just a fact of life of the NFL offseason, and even the most surprising trade — like, say, this one — starts to look normal once you’ve seen it a few times.

But the above image, one of the Redskins-specific promo images for the upcoming release of EA Sports’s latest iteration of Madden football, made it all seem weird again. And apparently I’ve got more to get used to than just McNabb: I initally looked at the guy standing next to him and thought, “Why is Fred Smoot on offense?”

It’s just Larry Johnson, of course. Because who didn’t suspect a year ago at this time that the Redskins backfield would feature McNabb and Johnson. Still, when you look at him face-on here, it’s definitely LJ.

Also in the Department Of Slightly Weird To Actually See, here are the new videoboards at FedExField, making their Madden debut.

(At this point, the saga of the videoboards reminds me of the movie Heat, where Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro keep ALMOST seeing each other in the lead-up to their then-significant face-to-face conversation. We’ve seen what they’re GOING to look like. We’ve seen artists renderings. We’ve seen the construction. We’ve even seen the screens blank. Now we see a computer mock-up of what they’ll look like. You could cut the when-will-they-turn-them-on tension with a knife.)

After the jump, more Madden weirdness, including Video Mike Shanahan in a Redskins polo shirt, Video Trent Williams, and a promo video for the NFC East in Madden. (And the video is a must-see: it features thoughts from Mike Shanahan on building an offense; the video debut of such classic Redskins offensive combos as McNabb-toJoey-Galloway, and — if you stick around through the section about the Eagles — just about everyone in the Redskins defensive backfield getting absolutely torched by DeSean Jackson.) Read more »

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