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Someone Thinks The Redskins Have The Best Offensive Line In The NFC East

Posted by Matt Terl on June 29, 2010 – 5:05 pm

The offseason is a time of unbridled joy and optimism. Everyone knows this. June is the month when all the offseason moves are going to work, all the draft picks are going to pan out, and every new coach is an innovative genius.

It’s just that usually, that sort of optimism is reserved for a team’s fans, not the commentators on a national radio show. But on The Sirius Blitz, which airs from 11a-3p ET on Sirius NFL Radio (Channel 124), Adam Schein and Jim Miller got more enthusiastic about the Redskins’ offseason moves than even the most optimistic Redskins die-hards I’ve heard.

And, in what can only be called a whiplash-inducing change from last season, all the praise was directed at the offensive line.

I missed the beginning of the segment, but apparently (according to a thread on ExtremeSkins), the conversation started with an Eagles fan calling in to grudgingly cede the division to the Redskins. Once upon a time, that sort of talk would’ve been scoffed at by every national host who could grip a microphone. But SIRIUS’s Jim Miller had a slightly different reaction.

“I’ll tell you what,” Miller said, “one thing Philly better be prepared for is [that] Washington is gonna have the ability to run the ball. I mean, they have … that trade for Jammal Brown…”

“Amazing,” Adam Schein interjected.

Miller continued, “That might’ve sealed the deal. What once was a weakness…. To me, Adam, they may have the best offensive line in that division right now, and that’s saying quite a bit.”

Schein nearly blew out my headphones with enthusiasm. “Jeez,” he boomed. “Wow! You just hit me over the head with that comment! You’re right, Mills! I didn’t even think about that! You’re a hundred percent right!”

Suitably encouraged, Miller pressed on. “And, y’know, the question marks down in Dallas; the New York Giants, they have some issues at the left guard spot — is Rich Seubert, can he retain his starting left guard position or will Guy Whimper step in for the New York Giants; and even Philadelphia, for them, their left tackle [Jason] Peters, he’s gotta play a lot better. He gave up double-digit sacks a year ago. Y’know, Jamaal Jackson, he’s not healthy at the center spot. When I look right now, that’s pretty solid in Washington.”

Then, maybe to prove to everyone that he was actually thinking of the 2010 Washington Redskins and not the 1991 Hogs, Miller got a bit more specific.

Trent Williams, the rookie, starts at left tackle,” he said. “Derrick Dockery, back at the left guard spot. Casey Rabach, I mean, that dude’s just solid at the center position. Now you get Jammal Brown. I mean, you get a two-time Pro Bowler. I mean, granted, he’s had an injury history, but put him in the right tackle spot, this team’s pretty good at the offensive line. They’re gonna have the ability to run the ball.”

Apparently Miller isn’t willing to just hand the right guard spot over to Artis Hicks without a fight. Anyhow, despite all the enthusiasm and optimism, Miller still wasn’t willing to agree with the caller. “And I’m not saying that they’re gonna sweep the Philadelphia Eagles,” he said, “but I think they can definitely split.”

Well, that part’s a downer, but the rest of it is certainly a pleasant change of pace.

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