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Doc Walker Has An Ingenious Idea For A Redskins Golf Tournament

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2010 – 3:46 pm

The reason Mark Rypien is pictured atop his second post of the day has nothing to do with his football acumen, nor does it have to do with anything he’s done in the last month.

See, one of the recurring topics at the Redskins Alumni Charity Golf Classic yesterday was who of the alumni was the best actual golfer. Rypien wasn’t there, but his name came up time and again.

Here’s Mark Moseley: “Our best golfers are [Joe] Theismann and Rypien, and neither one of them are here today. But I think we’ve got some pretty good golfers here. Donny Warren’s good. Russ Grimm and Jeff Bostic are good, but neither of them are here either. I guess it’s kind of a throw-up as to who’s gonna be the best one here today.”

Here’s Charley Taylor: “I’m great, man. I’m waiting on Tiger to straighten out so I can whoop his butt.” (Okay, that had nothing to do with Rypien.

And here’s ESPN980’s Rick “Doc” Walker, who was late for his introduction because he had been out hitting a bucket or two of balls. “I’d say Rypien, Brian Mitchell, Joe T.” But, Walker was quick to add, “I’m not in that category. That’s why I’m out there working. The three guys I just mentioned are, y’know, celebrities. I’m a talk show host.”

And in the end, he had no trouble narrowing it from three to one. “The only guy I know that’s done it publicly, under pressure, is Rypien,” he said. “I don’t know if Joe’s done it to that level. For me, that’s the whole thing. If you do it publicly, that makes you as close to a semi-pro as anything I can think of. Everybody else, we don’t know if they’re picking up the ball [or something], but when Ryp did it, it was in competition.”

As Walker talked through this topic, a more interesting idea started to germinate. Read more »

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Yep, That's The Greatest Redskins Team Of All Time

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2010 – 12:25 pm

The ESPN NFL Blog Network is apparently doing a thing where each division’s blogger selects the greatest squad of all time for each team on his beat. The NFC East’s bill came due today, and NFC Beast blogger Matt Mosley — after a bit of dithering (“Maybe I should’ve leaned toward the Riggo-Theismann teams…”) — gets it absolutely right by choosing the 1991 crew, calling them “too stacked to ignore”.

Some of his choice moments:

Most impressive win: The Redskins breezed through the regular season with a 14-2 record and then pounded the Lions and Falcons in playoff games. But the 37-24 Super Bowl win over the Bills stands out to me. The Bills were in the middle of a remarkable run and they had an immensely talented offense. The Redskins didn’t care about any of that. We remember the Cowboys being the dominant team of the ’90s, but the Redskins set the table in ’91 with a memorable season.

Best player: [Darrell] Green was brilliant at cornerback, but [Mark] Rypien was the MVP of the league. For that one season, he put up numbers (3,564 yards passing, 28 TDs) that would make any quarterback envious. And the man threw an excellent deep ball.

But in the course of all this, Mosley manages to bring up something that frustrated Redskins fans at the time (and, in fact, STILL nags at my father to this day).
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'Redskin Nation Can Rest Easy' And Other Links

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2010 – 10:17 am

Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com was at Redskins Park for last week’s mini-camp — which actually turned out to be a rain-shortened practice followed by the pleasant chaos of Alumni Day — and he talked, it seemed like, to everyone. He spoke to the owner, the general manager, the head coach, and a bunch of the players … and he came away full of sunshine and joy and optimism for nearly everyone.

“I can’t even imagine what it has been like for Mr. Snyder,” said [Chris] Cooley, a Redskins player since 2004. “He’s scrutinized so closely by the media, the fans and even people on the team. He’s a guy that loves football. He loves the Redskins. He would give anything to win a Super Bowl. It’s hard to fault that. But I think he’s made good choices this season. I’m really looking forward to moving forward. I know he is, too.”

Even if that means moving away from the spotlight and meddling with football operations.

“This is now going again in the right direction,” Snyder said. “I enjoyed myself with Joe Gibbs. I think the fans enjoyed his past three years. Now, we’re really able to pick it up with Mike and Bruce. It’s exciting again, but it’s going to take some time. We’re going to be patient and build something special here.

“I’m just enjoying the ride.”

And for that, Redskin Nation can rest easy.

As always with these sorts of things, it’s one person’s opinion. It might mean nothing. It might be an article we look back on in nine months and think, Man, that wasn’t even CLOSE. But right now, it feels like yet another smooth stretch of the never-ending highway that is the 2010 Redskins offseason.

Other links of note: Read more »

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