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Revamped Redskins Hall Of Fame Store Is Open For Business

Posted by Matt Terl on June 9, 2010 – 11:07 am

Last time I visited the Redskins Hall of Fame store at FedExField, work was still in progress. Mannequins were in various states of undress, clothing was still boxed up, and customers were still a future concern. That’s no longer the case, as the FedExField store — as well as the Redskins Stores in Dulles Town Center and Tyson’s Corner — is through the remodeling, re-thinking, and general enhancing, and is now in the business of doing business.

General manager Bruce Allen (pictured above with Bruce Lynch, chief merchandise officer of MainGate, Inc., the new folks in charge of the retail operations) was checking out the new space last night when we came across a shirt that featured a subject dear to Allen’s heart:

Yep. It’s a shirt with a picture of gold Redskins pants on it. “Now THAT,” Allen said, “is a nice shirt.” If there was any deeper significance to his commentary, he didn’t reveal it, but — staring at this slightly peculiar shirt, I realized just how much I love the gold helmets with the burgundy R, and all of the associated gear. This hat, for example, is awesome:

As is this hooded sweatshirt:

In fact, I kind of love all of the throwback gear. Well, almost. This thing confuses me:

It’s the design from an old-school knit cap — one I remember owning, in fact — on an actual knitted piece of fabric, somehow grafted to the front of a baseball cap. I found this unsettling. But the throwback snack helmet?

That’s all kinds of awesome, especially if you’re serving circa-1970 hors d’oeuvres like rumaki or something.

While I was speculating wildly that the T-shirt depicting the yellow pants, you know, MEANT something, I also briefly thought I had divined some significance in the selection of names on keychains.

Specifically, I was convinced that the lack of an ALBERT up there between ALAN and ALEX was an ominous sign for Mr. Haynesworth, but somehow this jersey wall is probably a more accurate indicator of the team’s plans:

Also interesting was this small display of game-used socks, which is somewhat randomly wedged in between more traditional jersey displays.

And the most interesting thing about that display is that, where most players wear Large or X-Large or whatever sizes, offensive lineman Stephon Heyer apparently wears “Monster” size.

For me, though, it was all about the throwback stuff. At some point I’ll actually get around to buying some, but for now? More pictures.

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One Response to “Revamped Redskins Hall Of Fame Store Is Open For Business”

  1. By Pete Fejeran on Oct 9, 2012 | Reply

    I am a military retiree and I find it disingenuine that the Redskins will devote much advertising and promoting support to the military, yet do not offer any military discounts in the Hall of Fame store. I would guess a vast population of military and military retirees live in the DC/Metro area and I think it would go a long way towards “Putting your money where your mouth is” and offer this benefit to those of us who have served and sacrificed for this great country.

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