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Kedric Golston Does Not Approve Of This Blog Post

Posted by Matt Terl on May 25, 2010 – 1:07 pm

The guy in the foreground of this picture is Trey Jacobs, an undrafted defensive tackle out of Liberty who was notable in the run-up to the draft for having an “outstanding” pro day. He was a standout at his small school, albeit one who was knocked at times for not being quite mean enough. He’s scrambling to earn himself a spot at a very crowded position with the Redskins, and I really haven’t had a chance to get to know him yet at all, but this profile on the website of his college NBC affiliate makes him sound like a good dude.

Though he’s 6-foot-3 and 280 pounds, Jacobs comes across as a fairly soft-spoken guy, one who spends his free time away from football reading books and refining his culinary skills. So he had to do something to change that demeanor on the field. He continued to watch [teammate Terry] Adams, who is one of the Flames’ most feisty competitors. In the season opener at West Virginia, Adams lit up a Mountaineers player on a kickoff return and responded by screaming while running alongside the WVU bench.

“I use him as an example, and base my playing style off him,” Jacobs said.

This is Jacobs after practice, as you can see, carrying a lot of helmets. I assumed that this was part of rookie non-hazing (also known as “hazing”) and stopped to snap a quick picture of it with my iPhone. Jacobs’ fellow defensive lineman Kedric Golston, walking just behind, took some issue with this.
I didn’t have my recorder going, so what follows is largely paraphrased, but his objection went something like this:

“Come on. You’re not really gonna write about that, are you? Guys carrying helmets? Again? Every year, we write the guys carrying helmets story.”

I suggested that maybe if the rookies didn’t keep carrying helmets, people wouldn’t be writing about it, but Golston brushed that aside.

“All over the league,” he said (or something very much like it), “I guarantee you every team’s blogger is writing the guy-carrying-helmets story. It’s boring already.”

But, I pointed out, it’s May. There’s not all that much going on. A guy carrying eight helmets … that’s at least notable, right?

“Well maybe you should write about that instead,” he suggested, “how you can’t think of anything new.”

So I suggested this compromise: I would post the picture, but write about how Golston thought it was a tired and uninspired story. He agreed.

So, I asked, as Golston ducked into the weight room for a post-OTA lift, did all the helmets belong to defensive linemen?

“Oh, yeah,” he said, (more or less), “Of course.”

Still: even if we’ve seen it before, that’s a whole lot of helmets.

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