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Phillip Daniels Clarifies His Haynesworth Comments Via Message Board

Posted by Matt Terl on May 17, 2010 – 2:10 pm

Phillip Daniels is something of an under-the-radar leader on the Redskins. The training camp injury that cost him the 2008 season occurred on one of my very first days working on this blog, and I remember that all anyone could talk about was how important he was. Not on the field, although of course he was valuable there, but in the locker room. And in the seasons since then, I’ve been able to see how true that is.

So when he does talk publicly, people listen. And then those people write columns in the Washington Post, and those comments in the Post become posts on ProFootballTalk, and the whole thing boils down to a simple headline with quote excerpt.

In the case of Daniels’ most recent comments that headline + excerpt read: Phillip Daniels: Albert Haynesworth “should definitely be here”.

And Daniels felt like that didn’t quite capture the nuances of what he was trying to say. Some players, at this point, would call a friendly reporter. Others might post responses on their personal blogs. Daniels had a different approach: he went straight to ExtremeSkins, the Redskins’ official message boards. Read more »

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Signings, OTAs, Pictures, and Even Some Smoot: A Monday Miscellany

Posted by Matt Terl on May 17, 2010 – 11:52 am

Today marks the start of OTAs for the 2010 Redskins. Last year, for some idiotic reason, I waited until the OTAs were three-quarters over to fully define what the acronym means. So let’s knock that out right now, quoting last year’s explanation directly:

OTA stands for organized team activities, fourteen offseason full-team training sessions that coaches are allowed to schedule.

Unlike the mandatory minicamp that took place earlier this offseason, the OTAs are voluntary — although all coaches leaguewide seem to strenuously encourage attendance — and they have more in common with regular in-season practices than they do with the more grueling training camp practices that are coming up in July and August.

If this were the analogy section of the SATs, you might lay it out like this:

 minicamp:training camp::OTAs:in-season practice days

(If the SATs no longer have an analogy section, just disregard that last bit.)

Anyhow, with the minor difference that there are currently just 13 OTA days scheduled, rather than 14, that definition pretty much holds true. So the short version is this: the team is getting some more practice in today.

In preparation for that, a flurry of signings were announced this morning: the team added veteran defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday and rookie undrafted free agents WR Brandon Banks, WR Shay Hodge, and DB Melvin Stephenson.

After the jump, a little bit more on each of those guys, including pictures from today’s on-field work. Read more »

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