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Edwin Williams Visits A Spa

Posted by Matt Terl on May 11, 2010 – 3:58 pm


When I saw the above NBC-4 video of Edwin Williams and Devin Thomas getting spa treaments in the Men’s Zone at the Robert Andrews Spa, I thought it was a blog post all on its own. In fact, the accompanying text version of the story at NBCWashington.com pretty much sums everything up in the first two paragraphs:

It’s generally considered a woman’s getaway, a day at the salon, but there’s a growing trend where even the most manly of men want to get pampered, too.

Don’t believe it? With the help of some Washington Redskins, we put it to the test.

Then Williams walked into Redskins Park heading to his work out, and I couldn’t resist getting the answers to a few of the questions prompted by the whole story.

First and foremost: how on earth did this come about?

Williams explains: “Small world: my old high school teammate’s mother owns a firm that’s promoting that salon, and they needed some men because they wanted to put more publicity on their men’s lounge. So they wanted some guys — more manlier guys — to come to their Men’s Zone.”

Were you immediately onboard with this plan?

“I was like, ‘Huh! I dunno,’ ’cause it was kinda far away,” Williams says. “But then I was like, ‘Man, when’s the next time I gonna get a massage, facial, all that stuff.’ I’ve never done that before.”


Williams shrugs. “It was actually pretty relaxing. I mean, it was a good experience, to be honest. The folks working there were nice, took their time, just real good people. Had the game on, so I could watch that. It was real good.”

So are you now going to be a regular at area salons?

“When you do things like that,” Williams says, “facial treatments, they’re the kind of things that you have to keep doing. And I think as a black man, to be honest, I don’t want my face to be very oily. But at the same time, it was cool to have that experience. How often does a black man from D.C. get to go have a facial? I think that’s great.”

But it was worth it?

“I don’t get that kind of exposure,” Williams says, “so that was kind of cool, and then I got the massage, which was amazing. Got this sports massage, and she was one of the best masseuses in the place. An amazing job. They treated me good and I ended up getting my mother and my grandmother and my aunt massages from their place for Mothers’ Day.”

So no embarrassment or anything? I mean, the sub-head on the article is “Redskins at Home in a Woman’s World”…

Williams seems at peace with the whole experience. “I don’t feel too bad about it. I told my homeboys about it and whatever. They laughed for a bit — it’s just how guys are — but at the same time they say they probably woulda done the same thing. The don’t think I’m trying to big-time ’em or anything. I’m always trying to do new things.”

And Devin…?

“I’m pretty sure he’s had a facial before,” Williams says. “He’s modeled before, so….”

Is modeling next for you?

“I was gonna go into that next venture soon, but I’m gonna wait this year and see what happens in the next offseason.” Williams stops and laughs. “No, I’m never modeling. I like to be under the radar, you know? Offensive line, bro.”

(Because if there are two things an internet video about a spa trip scream, it’s under the radar and offensive line.)

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com/video.

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