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The Secret Musical History of Chris Wilson

Posted by Matt Terl on April 27, 2010 – 1:20 pm


There are plenty of things for Redskins fans to enjoy in this video from Saturday’s Draft Day Party at FedExField. You’ve got Lorenzo Alexander on what he’s expecting from the new 3-4 defense: “We’ve really been focusing on turnovers, trying to change that around so we can score on defense and get a lot more wins than last season.”

You’ve got Kedric Golston confirming his switch to defensive end, calling the Cowboys “Cowgirls,” and giving love to Redskins fans: “We all know we’ve got the best fans in the NFL. This is Washington, baby.”

And you’ve got Chris Wilson referring to SuperSkin as SuperChief, quoting the stylish new Comcast SportsNet Redskins commercial, and explaining how the team is “looking forward to giving the fans back all the support you’ve given us over the years. We just wanna give you something to be proud of this year.”

All of that is nice and uplifting and exactly what we as fans usually want to hear at this time of the year … and it’s all just prologue to the main event. That takes place at about 5:00 minutes in, when Wilson allows himself to be goaded into singing some of Case’s 1999 single “Happily Ever After.”

It’s always fun to see the players show off their less-known talents, and Wilson has always been an enthusiastic singer. In fact, in honor of this performance, here’s the brief story of his short-lived musical group from the 2009 preseason:
I got word that Wilson had started a group called the “Inspirational Tenors.” When I asked him about it, the first thing he did was clarify that it wasn’t gospel music, and not everyone involved was a tenor. “It’s just a little something I’m working on,” he explained. “A little something for the team chemistry. The name of the group is just the Inspirational Tenors because it’s a man group.”

The group featured Wilson alongside Malcolm Kelly and then-Redskins offensive lineman Jeremy Bridges, and even that wasn’t Wilson’s first time dabbling in locker room musicianship. “I had a group in Canada,” he told me, “on the Championship BC Lions team in 2006.” That group was called C.A.R.L, after the first names of its members, and they had a slightly different focus than the Inspirational Tenors.

“With C.A.R.L., we did some inspirational music, but C.A.R.L. was for the ladies,” Wilson explained. “The ladies dig C.A.R.L. We’d sing some Tyrese; we’d sing some Dru Hill, 112, and some Jagged Edge hits. Just songs that the ladies had heard before. They just couldn’t believe it was coming from the BC Lions.”

The Inspirational Tenors skewed more toward the inspirational, but Wilson assured me that they were bringing in Santana Moss in to “bring the sex appeal that the group needs. Then we might have to change the name from the Inspirational Tenors to something else.” (For reasons never adequately explained, Moss was only going to be involved under the alias Song Wong. “It’s a light goin’ on,” Wilson clarified helpfully , “Song Wong spit hot fire from here to Hong Kong.”)

Sadly, Bridges was released before the group could really hit their stride. No known recordings exist of the Inspirational Tenors, the unnamed higher-sex-appeal group featuring Song Wong, or C.A.R.L., the for-the-ladies musical act from Canada. Just another reason to treasure this Chris Wilson solo performance — and, by extension, this entire video.

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