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Sean Taylor's Locker To Be Moved To FedExField

Posted by Matt Terl on April 16, 2010 – 3:25 pm

Hard as it is to believe, it’s been more than two years since Sean Taylor was killed. And for those two years since that night in 2007, his locker in Redskins Park has been glassed in and maintained as a memorial to him.

Aside from a very few pictures that have been made public, this is a memorial that has been largely reserved for the players in the locker room. Now the locker is being moved in its entirety to the Club A Tower at FedExField to be shared with Redskins fans.

“We wanted to respect Sean’s memory and find an appropriate place to display the locker he used every day at Redskins Park,” Executive Vice President/General Manager Bruce Allen said. “We know how much Sean meant and still means to our fans and we are happy to be able to share this with them.”

The transport is being conducted with tremendous care; pictures were taken to ensure that the locker could be reassembled exactly as it had been left for the last two years, and all the items have been carefully packed to avoid any damage in transit.

Santana Moss and Clinton Portis were two of Taylor’s closest friends on the team. Their lockers were near Taylor’s, and they’ve both looked at the pictures of him often since his passing. But both Moss and Portis gave their blessing to the move.“I think it’s something great for the fans to be able to experience,” Moss said, “because there’s a lot of fans, a lot of true Redskins fans that come to every game, that would do anything for this guy, that just loved him that much . So I think it’ll be great for them to be able to experience everything that we experienced by seeing that locker every day.”

Moss acknowledged that the change would be somewhat bittersweet for him — ” When I walked by I always paid attention to the picture of his daughter in there,” Moss said. “I always looked at it, and it always gave me that sense of, like, him still being here.” — but in some way he felt it was time for a move like this.

“I think of the years that have passed since his death,” Moss said, “you almost have that closure now, knowing that he’s never gonna be forgotten, and knowing that every time we step out on that field, we’re still gonna have him with us.”

Portis agreed. “I think the true fans,” he said, “the people who’ve really been down with the Redskins from day 1, win, lose or draw — I think they’ll have a great appreciation. I think it’s really gonna hit home with a lot of ’em. I think it’s gonna bring tears to a lot of eyes for the people who really can appreciate the work that Sean put in. That people have an opportunity to share and continue to be a part of his legacy … it’s gonna be great.”

The locker will be in place and available for the public by the start of the 2010 regular season, and the team is going to great lengths to make sure this offers a proper memorial for #21.

Both Moss and Portis feel that this is the way Taylor deserves to be treated. “I just feel like everything they are doing for Sean is something that would’ve been done if he had been able to live and finish out his whole career,” Moss said. “It’s almost like him bein’ a Hall of Famer, because that’s the kind of player he was. He’s one of those guys that, with the little time that he did share here, I think you have a lot of memories of his excellence and knowing what could’ve been if he was still here, man, it just hurts your mind to even think. It’s great that they’re honoring him in this way, and it’s great that they’re still paying their respects even after all these years.”

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