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Redskins Sign Defensive Tackle Anthony Bryant

Posted by Matt Terl on April 12, 2010 – 5:17 pm

The big news today is that quarterback Jason Campbell signed his restricted free agent tender. This is widely being viewed as the first step in trading Campbell, although that (obviously) remains to be seen. But it’s progress in the Campbell situation, which has been mired in awkward uncertainty since the trade for new starting QB Donovan McNabb, and that’s worthy of note.

Somewhat lost in all of this was the signing of nose tackle Anthony Bryant — and it deserves to be “somewhat lost”.

Campbell is a 52-game starting quarterback in the NFL; Bryant has made three starts in nine appearances in a three-year NFL career that’s covered four actual years on six previous teams (including practice squads). He’s an unproven quantity at best, released by the Giants today, and is thisclose to earning the designation of “journeyman”.

So what’s the big deal?
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Redskins Players Seem Pretty Unified In Predicting The Pick

Posted by Matt Terl on April 12, 2010 – 12:43 pm

As we begin the final approach to the 2010 NFL Draft — just 10 days and six-plus hours as I write this, according to ESPN’s handy-dandy draft countdown! — and we’re at the point now where everyone and their sister will be offering predictions of what’s going to happen.

Most of those predictions will be wrong.

Many of the predictions will be offered by current and former NFL players. The theory seems to be that these people are much closer to the action and therefore have a better understanding of what teams need. Or, in some cases, they’ve dealt (or are currently dealing) with the coaches and general managers, and therefore have better insight on which to base their predictions.

Most of those predictions will still be wrong.

During his Lite Brite press conference last Thursday, Chris Cooley explained why this is. “As far as the draft goes, I’m out in the dark,” he said. “My knowledge is about as much as the fans’. I actually had to meet with my tight ends coach and he said, ‘I’ll be in the draft meeting.’ I opened the draft door where our entire staff was and basically got the boot. So I don’t think they wanted me to know anything going on in there.”

But that didn’t stop Cooley from saying what he thought the team SHOULD do in the draft.
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Sad News From ExtremeSkins

Posted by Matt Terl on April 12, 2010 – 10:22 am

Say what you will about the folks over at ExtremeSkins, the Official Message Board of the Washington Redskins — that they’re fanatical, that they’re overly optimistic, that they’re tough to please, that they’re excellent cooks, whatever — but there are two facts about them that are indisputable:

1) They are dedicated, enthusiastic fans of the team.

2) They are fiercely loyal — to the team, and to each other.

It’s that last loyalty — to one another — that’s on display now, albeit for sad reasons: longtime ES member and curator of the board’s Breaking News section Bubba9497 passed away. ES moderator Art Mills writes:

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Two Views Of Texas Stadium Imploding

Posted by Matt Terl on April 12, 2010 – 8:16 am

I only made it to old Texas Stadium once, and my main reaction was that it was a bit of a dump. Here, for example, is then-Redskin OT Jon Jansen’s eulogy for the place:

“I don’t know what the home locker room is like,” Jon Jansen said, “but the visitor’s locker room, there’s only two cans, no one wants to stand in line and no one wants to use ’em once someone’s been in there.” He laughs. “It’s a landmark, but it’s definitely an older stadium.”

Well, now there are no cans in the visitor’s locker room, it’s not a landmark, it’s not an older stadium — heck, it’s not even a stadium at all anymore. The venerable stadium was imploded on Sunday, and there are now roughly two billion YouTube videos of it on the web.

No real Redskins connection — although Santana Moss might be a little sad, somewhere deep inside, as he had some of his best games there — but it’s always entertaining to watch controlled demolition, and it’s nice to think that this might be a metaphor for the Cowboys’ upcoming season: a few flashes of light before everything collapses in on itself, leaving behind only smoke and rubble. Read more »

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