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Deion Sanders Invents New Word To Criticize Eagles For Trading McNabb

Posted by Matt Terl on April 8, 2010 – 8:59 pm

There are two things we can learn from this video of Deion Sanders reviewing the Donovan McNabb trade on NFL Network:

1) He really, really, really, really, REALLY doesn’t agree with the Eagles’ decision, and

2) He would’ve been really entertaining to cover in his prime. (Neither “cover” nor “prime” was a pun there.)

Speaking on TV about the McNabb trade for the first time, the notoriously loquacious Sanders found it necessary to invent the word shebacle to characterize the trade. (I’m presuming that this is a combination of sham and debacle, much the same way that travishamockery is a combination of travesty, sham, and mockery. But who really knows.)

Anyhow, here’s some of Prime Time’s choice remarks on the subject; watch the video for the rest. Read more »

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FedExField Goes HD, Part 5: Cooley Sells The Lite Brite, Talks About The Offense

Posted by Matt Terl on April 8, 2010 – 1:37 pm

When I visited FedExField to see the first stage of scoreboard demolition, the old JumboTron was in pieces on pallets in the concourse. After I wrote about it, there was some question about what would be done with the pieces, and now we know:

They’ll be given to fans who make a five dollar donation at the Draft Day Party, and Chris Cooley addressed the media at Redskins Park today to explain how the whole process works.

“They’re tearing down the scoreboard,” Cooley said, holding up a piece of the JumboTron. “They come in these tiny cells that, I guess, look like Lite Brite pieces. A bunch of ’em make up a module; then they all make up the entire scoreboard. So we ripped it down, and instead of just throwing it away, of course we want to make money.” He paused. “No, I’m just kidding — it all goes to charity. Everything’s for charity. We’re selling ’em for five bucks apiece at Draft Day. It’s first come, first serve; it’s ‘the original FedExField Scoreboard’. Get ’em for five bucks, charity, cool stuff.”

What he means by “it’s ‘the original FedExField Scoreboard'” is that each piece is affixed with a sticker authenticating it as just that. (Pictured below.)

“The new scoreboard’s gonna be cool,” Cooley continued, “but when Jerry Jones built that great big scoreboard … I mean, we HAD to have a big one. So it’s gonna be 30 by 100 feet. It’s gonna be great. This old scoreboard was, like, 25 by 30, so it towers over what we used to have. It makes us more impressive than ever.”

Cooley majored in Art in college, is an avid potter, and is a generally creative guy. So you just know he’s not going to just toss the Lite Brite piece onto a shelf. He’s got plans for that ex-scoreboard.

“When I get home,” he explained, “I’m gonna build this little wooden trophy case and frame it in nicely, and then it’s gonna go over my mantle in my living room. I want it to be more of a formal piece, so I’m thinking about walnut or Brazilian cherry, but definitely [with] a plaque, and maybe Dan [Snyder] will autograph it for me. It’ll really complete the room. That’s what I’m hoping for my Lite Brite.”

Eventually, of course, people changed the subject to non-JumboTron matters, to Cooley’s (feigned) disappointment “Seriously?” he asked. “I thought we were talking about the scoreboard.”

And then he described, as so many others have this year, just how excited he is about the new offense. For example: Read more »

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Redskins And The Obama Daughters At The Easter Egg Roll

Posted by Matt Terl on April 8, 2010 – 11:00 am

While the TV news copters were hovering over Dulles waiting for Donovan McNabb to arrive, ‘Eagle has landed’ puns at the ready and camera crews camped out at the doors of Redskins Park, life actually went on. As President Obama threw out the first pitch in front of thousands of Phillies fans at Nationals Park, a whole bunch of the Redskins were running football drills in his backyard.

The players were there participating in a Play 60 event at the White House Easter Egg Roll, part of the NFL’s program to combat youth obesity. Different players rotated in throughout the day, but media access was tightly controlled. When I was there, it was offensive linemen Edwin Williams and Will Robinson, and safety Reed Doughty arrived just before I was required to leave.

Williams is a local guy, as I’ve mentioned countless times before, and played his high school ball at DeMatha, just a twenty minute drive (in the traffic-free roads of my imagination) from the White House, but this was his first visit to the Presidential residence.

And he was typically enthusiastic about the outing. “This is awesome, right? I mean: the White House! It’s crazy,” he said, “I’ve never been here before. I haven’t been to an Easter Egg Roll. It’s really big — it’s really hard to find parking.”

He continued, “Growing up I didn’t do a lot of sight-seeing. I did some, obviously, but I didn’t really get a chance to be right here, monument there, White House right here. I got here about an hour before I was supposed to and got a chance just to walk around.”

Being a football player and volunteering at the event didn’t let him actually meet the President, though. “No, they just gave me the wristband and said ‘Get to work,’ which I’m doing, and it’s good.” He craned his neck to peer at the vacant stage just down the hill toward the Washington Monument from his post and added, “I told ’em though, when Justin Bieber comes on, I’m out. Gotta check him out. “

Williams may not have gotten a chance to meet the elder Obama, and he ultimately wouldn’t get to meet teen sensation Bieber, either. But — before my access period started — he and linebacker Lorenzo Alexander did get a chance to meet two teen idols of a different sort: Presidential daughters Malia and Sasha Obama.
Read more »

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