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Albert Haynesworth Is An A-V Geek, Among Many Other Things

Posted by Matt Terl on April 2, 2010 – 8:18 am

That Albert Haynesworth has interests outside of football is not news. First of all, everyone has interests outside of football. Second of all, this Yahoo! Sports profile from last July memorably includes details about the ostrich skin furniture on Haynesworth’s yacht, so it seems safe to assume that he likes nautical things and avian furniture. Third, I’ve heard him hold forth on things like Thanksgiving dinner and know him to hold strong opinions about, say, boxed stuffing (he’s emphatically opposed), baked mac and cheese (he’s in favor), and cranberries (opposed).

But I have to admit, until I read this Back Sports Page profile of him, I didn’t expect Haynesworth to be quite so multifaceted. I recommend reading the whole profile, which is quite detailed and revealing, but I’ll cherrypick a few of Haynesworth’s roles that don’t quite fit with his public image.

(Haynesworth quotes come from the BSP story; commentary is mine.)
Good Samaritan

Haynesworth has a foundation, as many football players do. But he’s also keenly aware of how those foundations can be cynically perceived, and how people think the players aren’t really involved. So his foundation is a little different.

“One thing that I’m big on is that you see a lot of foundations, or you see a lot of organizations out here, that ask for money. You know what, save the kids from Haiti, ten bucks a month and you can sponsor a kid; they probably only give the kid a dollar, two dollars, out of all that money. I mean, the things about foundations, you only have to spend ten percent of what you get and so whatever you donate, they donate ten percent of that and keep the rest. One thing is [for my foundation] I’m going to fund the staff and so 100 percent of the money is going to go to whatever cause that we’re working on in that point in time.”


He’s also skeptical of charities that just move money around but don’t create physical change. So his solution? Ductwork. Or, more specifically, a program known as the Haynesworth Freeze.

“Well, instead of just giving money, I want to see things get done. As far as schools, there are some schools in D.C. that don’t have air conditioning. All we’re going to do is go in there, raise this money, go buy the air conditioners, fix the school. It’s not going to be a guessing game wondering how much of your money went there; you’re going to see it.”

Award-Winning Boat Painter

As noted up top, Haynesworth’s fondness for boats has made the news before, but I don’t remember details about him designing his own custom paint jobs for them.

“[On] past boats I’ve gotten awards. I had last year, a red boat, it was called Hell Razor. It had flames all over it, it had skulls, burning skulls; it was pretty wicked. Everyone was like it’s crazy, it’s crazy.”

A/V Geek

This was probably the most surprising one. I know that geeks have taken over the world and that technology is everywhere and blah blah blah. But some 80s movie stereotypes just stick with you, I guess, so jocks in the A-V club just seems wrong.

“I also have an A/V company that does smart-house technology and also fiber optics for commercial. One of our big jobs that people would know about is we put up the U.T. Jumbotron, the new one, that was our company that did that. It’s good stuff, I like technology.”

And there are more in the profile, including World Traveler, Real Estate Guy, and Dot-Com Exec. It’s really worth checking out.

UPDATE: Dan Steinberg has dug up some photos of the boat designs over at the DC Sports Bog. Think “Ed Hardy meets Michael Bay’s Terminator designs, but on a boat.”

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