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Redskins Cheerleader Final Cuts: Marisa Makes The Squad

Posted by Matt Terl on April 2, 2010 – 5:02 pm

According to her on-stage introduction last night, Marisa “is originally from North Dakota. She graduated from Princeton University with a History degree, and she was a 2009 Redskins ambassador.” She’s in the foreground left of the picture above, with long red hair.

When I covered the final cuts for the Redskins Cheerleaders last year, I went big picture and described the event and the process and all of that. This year, I thought it would be more interesting to focus on the experience of one of the finalists, talk to her before the finals and — win or lose — afterward, talk to her friends and family if present, and just get a sense of what it was like. I’m a bit of a reality TV junkie, to my undying shame, and I figured this would be a little bit reality TV-esque. Later, that whole line of thought would start to seem a little ironic, but it was good enough hook to go in with.

And, obviously, Marisa was the finalist that I selected. Despite being from North Dakota, she considers herself a Redskins fan. “I’m definitely a Redskins fan,” she said. “I didn’t get into football until I got to D.C. — no professional football in North Dakota.” When she’s not striving to join a professional cheerleading squad, Marisa is a law student, focusing on energy law. As if that’s not difficult enough (“It takes up a lot of time,” Marisa acknowledged), she’s spent the last week learning the routines and practicing for last night’s final.

But to even before we get to that, we have to go back to the end of last year’s finals.

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A Few Pictures From The Cheerleader Finals

Posted by Matt Terl on April 2, 2010 – 10:19 am

The verbose post about last night’s Redskins Cheerleader Final Cuts will be up a little later today, but after being called “wordy” in my previous post about the event, I figured I’d go picture-only to start. Enjoy.

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Albert Haynesworth Is An A-V Geek, Among Many Other Things

Posted by Matt Terl on April 2, 2010 – 8:18 am

That Albert Haynesworth has interests outside of football is not news. First of all, everyone has interests outside of football. Second of all, this Yahoo! Sports profile from last July memorably includes details about the ostrich skin furniture on Haynesworth’s yacht, so it seems safe to assume that he likes nautical things and avian furniture. Third, I’ve heard him hold forth on things like Thanksgiving dinner and know him to hold strong opinions about, say, boxed stuffing (he’s emphatically opposed), baked mac and cheese (he’s in favor), and cranberries (opposed).

But I have to admit, until I read this Back Sports Page profile of him, I didn’t expect Haynesworth to be quite so multifaceted. I recommend reading the whole profile, which is quite detailed and revealing, but I’ll cherrypick a few of Haynesworth’s roles that don’t quite fit with his public image.

(Haynesworth quotes come from the BSP story; commentary is mine.) Read more »

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