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DeAngelo Hall Promises Defensive Confusion This Season (In A Good Way)

Posted by Matt Terl on April 1, 2010 – 3:47 pm

When Brian Orakpo addressed the media last Thursday, I half-joked that he hit on both of the major defensive-player talking points of this Redskins offseason:

A) Enthusiasm about the level of competition at Redskins Park this offseason
B) Are the Redskins transitioning to the 3-4 defense?

Orakpo was effusive about Item A and coy about Item B, but DeAngelo Hall took a slightly different approach today. Like the exact opposite approach. The level of competition went largely unmentioned except to note that the addition of Phillip Buchanon gave the team “another playmaker, another guy who can catch the ball, who can score, has return ability.”

But the 3-4 thing? Hall didn’t even treat it as an “are they” question, instead talking at some length about what he expects the 3-4 to bring to the team’s attack.

And, according to Hall, “attack” is very much the right word.

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Redskins Internet April Fools Day Round-Up

Posted by Matt Terl on April 1, 2010 – 11:19 am

There’s a very good reason that April 1 is widely considered the worst day to use the internet, doubly so for sports fans. Usually, it’s easy enough to sort the real news from the fake: You start by avoiding just about anything on Bleacher Report. Then you disregard realistic looking ESPN pages that misspell the names of multiple-time Pro Bowl quarterbacks while claiming that those quarterbacks have been traded. And you exercise caution if ProFootballTalk reports a death. Easy enough.

But on April 1, all those problems are magnified. Normally reputable news sites post idiotic stories in the name of April Fools Day. Humor sites give themselves completely over to gags of questionable taste. And the sports internet becomes even less reliable than usual.

For general advice on surviving April 1 online, I recommend Jack Shafer’s three-year-old piece from Slate Magazine. For Redskins-specific imaginary news on this specific April 1, here’s your rundown of what I’ve seen. I’ll update it as I stumble across (and get tricked by) new things.

Hogs Haven Promotes An Imaginary Madden Tournament

It’s all pretty much there in the headline: a well-concocted (but fully imaginary) Sony promotion using the new HD screens at FedExField, whipped up by the guys at SBNation’s independent Redskins website. Nice touches of authenticity, including a mention of Redskins PR honcho Zack Bolno, but still: completely imaginary. A tip-off that it’s not real: the phone number they list in the post as being for sign-up has a 972 area code, and will take you to Dallas Cowboys public relations.

(Note: Hogs Haven is an independent website not affiliated with the Washington Redskins.) Read more »

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