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Hail! The Comic Strip Introduces Cartoon LaRon Landry

Posted by Matt Terl on April 30, 2010 – 9:52 am

In the third installment of Hail!, Ben Ceccarelli introduces cartoon LaRon Landry. I give him all the credit in the world for that, because Landry’s physique is almost cartoonishly exaggerated in reality. I’m not going to be fully happy, though, until Ceccarelli introduces the animated version of Gucci, Landry’s white-faced capuchin monkey — and then has the two of them FIGHT CRIME. Because that, frankly, would be awesome.

As ever, click on the first panel (or on the Read More link) to see the rest of the strip.

Read more »

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A Happy Story About A Redskins Cheerleader

Posted by Matt Terl on April 30, 2010 – 8:23 am

If you’re still down from the Caps’ unexpected playoff exit, NBC-4 has just the upbeat story for you: a Marine home early from Iraq surprises his wife at work. And it just so happens that “work” in this case is Redskins Cheerleading practice.

Not really much to add to this one besides Awwwwww.

http://www.nbcwashington.com/syndication?id=92476074&path=%2Fnews%2Flocal-beat Read more »

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FedExField Goes HD, Part 7: Daktronics To Deliver HD Boards, CEI To Provide Infrastructure

Posted by Matt Terl on April 29, 2010 – 4:59 pm

If you were at FedExField for the Draft Day Party, this is what one of the endzones looked like — no longer completely gutted and beginning to show what it will one day be.

Today, the team announced that Daktronics had been selected to design, manufacture, and install the high resolution video boards at the stadium, while Communications Engineering, Inc. would be upgrading the infrastructure to handle the capabilities of the new hardware.

The team sent around a Video Board Fact Sheet that includes some Fun Facts about the Video Boards, which I’ll post after the jump. (NOTE: amount of “fun” received from these facts may be relative.) But before that, an answer to one of the questions I’ve heard most since the Draft Day Party: yes, there were some leftover Lite Brite pieces, and the folks at the Charitable Foundation should be getting in touch with people on the waitlist at any moment. So if you’re on the list, hope for a call in the next week or so.

Without any futher ado: Fun Facts and further details! Read more »

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DeAngelo Hall On Being Tied To Guys In Your Draft Class

Posted by Matt Terl on April 29, 2010 – 1:43 pm

When the Redskins selected Trent Williams with their first-round draft pick last week, it meant that they were passing on Russell Okung, the other top-rated offensive tackle. This will no doubt prompt a multi-year analysis of if the Redskins got the right guy, and that’s something that makes DeAngelo Hall shake his head.

“I don’t necessarily think there’s a ‘got it right,'” Hall said. “Like they say, all it takes is one team to fall in love with you. That team falls in love with you, they’re in a position to get you before the next team that’s in love with the other guy, and that’s what gonna happen.”

Hall knows a little something about this situation. Read more »

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The Redskins Four Latest Signings In Video Form

Posted by Matt Terl on April 29, 2010 – 11:01 am

The Redskins officially announced four signings this morning: veteran wide receivers Joey Galloway and Bobby Wade, and undrafted rookie free agents Logan Paulsen (a tight end out of UCLA) and Keiland WiIliams (a running back from LSU). Rather than just repost the press release — although I’ll do that too — I figured it might be nice to introduce the four new guys in video form.

Here, for example, is Wade, serving as “Globetrotter for the Night” with the Harlem Globetrotters. “This is a big game right here, this is a big point in the game,” he notes, as he prepares to make his dramatic leap from the stands to the basketball court. “You can expect some classic Bobby Wade, some big-play Wade.”

Practical experience that will no doubt come in handy during mini-camp.

Galloway’s best video — him flying with the Blue Angels when he was a Buccaneer — isn’t t embeddable, because the uploader doesn’t allow it. So here instead is an ESPN profile on Galloway as one of the three best receivers to come out of Ohio State. “You get, in my opinion, the best wide receiver in the NFL,” says a young Kirk Herbstreit, adding, “and I’m talking young wide receivers.”

He’s probably not considered a young wide receiver anymore, after fifteen NFL seasons. (In fact, Galloway started his stint in Tampa expected to play alongside a receiver who wound up not taking the field in a holdout. That receiver — Keenan McCardell — is now his position coach here.) Read more »

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The Potential Impact Of Seventh Round Choices

Posted by Matt Terl on April 28, 2010 – 2:09 pm

When the Redskins selected two offensive linemen with the their seventh-round selections in the NFL Draft — on top of fourth-overall selection Trent Williams — I figured fans would be happy. (In fact, I used a headline that was meant to convey exactly that, although the syntax threw more than a few people off.) Here they are, O people: the offensive linemen for whom you have cried out. Repeatedly!

And, for the most part, that was correct. People were happy. There was new offensive line depth. Birds chirped, rainbows bowed, and all was right with the world.

Except… the emails keep trickling in suggesting that being happy about two seventh-round picks is ridiculous. That these guys — Erik Cook and (pictured above) Selvish Capers — are never going to contribute. That Williams is the only guy from the draft who really matters.

The only mainstream media member I’ve seen get in on the act is Rick Snider, the venerable Redskins beat reporter currently with the DC Examiner. The morning after the draft, Snider tweeted:

I wouldn’t get too caught up in #Redskins taking 3 OL. 2 were in 7th. Probably never see the field. Count it as 1 OT in draft.

(To Snider’s credit, he was there well ahead of my emailers. I may not agree with his conclusion, but at least he reached it swiftly.)

Once the number of emails in accord with Snider’s sentiment reached a certain, undefinable critical mass, I figured it was time to just stop vaguely disagreeing and start looking at some numbers. Fortunately, they weren’t too tough to find: I really didn’t have to go much beyond the basic arithmetic of counting last year’s starting lineups.

Here’s how it broke down, and it really isn’t particularly pretty: Read more »

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The Importance Of Those Charity Events

Posted by Matt Terl on April 28, 2010 – 11:12 am

The folks sitting with Donovan McNabb in the picture above are the Duck family, of Gainesville, Virginia. From left to right (and skipping Donovan), that’s Ellen, Isaiah, Charles, and Isaac Duck.

Isaac, who you see here in his black shirt holding a signed football, was diagnosed with lymphoma on New Year’s Day, 2009. He underwent seven rounds of chemotherapy and a major surgery to remove his tumor, and — as his father proudly told me — has now been “nine months cancer-free.” He was the “honored patient” at Monday’s Jason Campbell Leukemia Golf Classic, and Campbell — then still the quarterback of the Washington Redskins — visited Isaac and his family when they were selected to that honor.

And the way Charles Duck talks about that visit should answer any question you might have about if athletes are just phoning it in when they participate in charity events. Read more »

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How To Handle A Charity Event With Someone Else's Name On It

Posted by Matt Terl on April 27, 2010 – 4:16 pm

Yesterday was The Jason Campbell Leukemia Golf Classic, a benefit for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The more astute visual learners out there will have already noted that the person at the podium in front of the enormous JASON CAMPBELL banner is not, in fact, Jason Campbell, and I’m sure many of you have further ID’ed the speaker there as tight end Chris Cooley.

The reason Cooley is running the show at Campbell’s event is, of course, because the quarterback was traded to Oakland on Saturday — and so Oakland is where he was when time for the golf event rolled around on Monday.

Some reports suggested that Cooley had taken over for Campbell, but Cooley was quick to clarify that. “I’m here in place of Jason,” he said. “I don’t think I’m really taking over, because a TON of work goes into this, and I know Jason put a lot of his time and effort into it. I just showed up. I’m just here ‘on behalf’ of Jason.” Read more »

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The Secret Musical History of Chris Wilson

Posted by Matt Terl on April 27, 2010 – 1:20 pm


There are plenty of things for Redskins fans to enjoy in this video from Saturday’s Draft Day Party at FedExField. You’ve got Lorenzo Alexander on what he’s expecting from the new 3-4 defense: “We’ve really been focusing on turnovers, trying to change that around so we can score on defense and get a lot more wins than last season.”

You’ve got Kedric Golston confirming his switch to defensive end, calling the Cowboys “Cowgirls,” and giving love to Redskins fans: “We all know we’ve got the best fans in the NFL. This is Washington, baby.”

And you’ve got Chris Wilson referring to SuperSkin as SuperChief, quoting the stylish new Comcast SportsNet Redskins commercial, and explaining how the team is “looking forward to giving the fans back all the support you’ve given us over the years. We just wanna give you something to be proud of this year.”

All of that is nice and uplifting and exactly what we as fans usually want to hear at this time of the year … and it’s all just prologue to the main event. That takes place at about 5:00 minutes in, when Wilson allows himself to be goaded into singing some of Case’s 1999 single “Happily Ever After.”

It’s always fun to see the players show off their less-known talents, and Wilson has always been an enthusiastic singer. In fact, in honor of this performance, here’s the brief story of his short-lived musical group from the 2009 preseason: Read more »

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Redskins Sign Still Another Defensive Lineman

Posted by Matt Terl on April 27, 2010 – 12:13 pm

The team today announced the signing of defensive lineman Darrion Scott, a former Minnesota Viking and Ohio State Buckeye who played for current Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett on the UFL’s Florida Tuskers. Scott has 9.5 sacks in his 32 game NFL career, but I find it hard to imagine any of them were as straightforward as this blindside shot from his college days.

Even if it does nothing else, all of this defensive line stockpiling should make for an interesting and competitive series of minicamps and training camp. Read more »

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