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Mike Shanahan Also Speaks About Free Agency And Offseason Conditioning

Posted by Matt Terl on March 11, 2010 – 8:07 pm


Owner Daniel M. Snyder wasn’t the only one who spoke before this evening’s Charitable Foundation Annual Dinner. Following a brief introduction from general manager Bruce Allen, head coach Mike Shanahan also gave a few minutes to the assembled media. The coach sharing some thoughts on free agency, the imminent start of offseason conditioning, and a few of the more popular rumors surrounding the team.

Of note, Shanahan:

  • Acknowledged that RB Larry Johnson was in town for a visit but said that he hadn’t had a chance to sit down with him yet
  • Claimed to be “a big fan” of Carlos Rogers, whom he expects in town for offseason conditioning
  • Said that Jason Campbell was in the facility and talking to some coaches today; he also joked about not liking Jason as much as he likes Carlos
  • Reiterated that they’re following a plan, and if a meeting doesn’t work out, “it doesn’t work out for a reason”
  • Made it very, very clear that he both wants and expects pretty substantial attendance at the team’s offseason program.

And here are some of the quotes:

On what kind of attendance he expects when offseason conditioning starts on Monday:
“Yeah, you never really know. Sometimes you get a hundred percent, sometimes you get 95%. I’m looking forward to the people that are there. The people that are there, they wanna get better and do everything they can to help our football team win for the future. Just kinda looking forward to spending some time and kicking it off on the right note.”

On the importance of players attending offseason condtioning:
“Well, I think that you take a look and … what’s really important with a team? You always put the team first, and we’ve done a lot of things to try to help our football team get better. From our strength coaches to what we’re doing in the weight room, our offseason conditioning program … it’s a day-by-day process. You try to get better every day, and we’re gonna do everything we can to get better relative to spending time with players and doing things — not only in the weight room — but football things as well.”

On if he expects Clinton Portis to attend the sessions:
“Oh, I guarantee you Clinton’ll be there. I know Clinton too well. He’ll be there, and he’ll kick off the offseason on the right note. I want my leaders to be there, and hopefully we’ll have a hundred percent participation; if not, I’ll be disappointed.”

On if he expects Albert Haynesworth to be there:
“I anticipate everybody being there. A hundred percent is everybody. Now, 98% is … no, I’m just kidding.”

On if he’s satisfied with the free agent signing period so far:
“Yeah, I’m very satisfied. We’ve got a gameplan; it takes time. And we’ve got a plan. It’s not gonna happen overnight; we’ll just have to watch the plan take place. But we’re gonna try to get better every day. It’s a process and you can’t do it overnight, but we’re gonna try to do the little things the right way, and hopefully we’ll get it done.”

On new offensive lineman Artis Hicks:
“He does have the versatility. He’s played guard, he’s played tackle Very sharp guy, very intelligent guy, played very well when he was at Philly. Played in a lot of big games and obviously at Minnesota played a number of different roles, and we’re very happy to have him on our football team. Now we get these guys in, we’ve got a chance to watch ’em compete. I haven’t had a chance to watch these guys compete, and I’m looking forward to it.”

On if he expects Ma’ake Kemoeatu (whom he says likes to be called “Kimo”) to be available for training camp:
“I really don’t know. He’s getting treatment right now. Just a heckuva a football player and a great person. I’m just glad that we’ve got him on our football team . He’s not a hundred percent ready right now, but he’s going though treatment; by the time we start the season, hopefully he’s ready to go. Here’s a guy who’s about 6-5, 6-6, about 380 pounds, and has played well, brings a lot to the table. Hopefully we’ll get him in there, compete with our other guys, and hopefully he’ll play well.”

On the process of free agency:
We’re gonna try to get better every day. “This is an ongoing process. You don’t come in the first four days of free agency and say, ‘Hey, we’re done.’ We’re gonna look at our football team as we get into our minicamps and our offseason conditioning programs and try to evaluate these guys, but I can promise you this: every day we’ll be looking for people that we think can help our football team win. It’s a long process and it won’t happen overnight”

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