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Lorenzo Alexander Is Holding A Haiti Benefit

Posted by Matt Terl on March 3, 2010 – 4:07 pm

Lorenzo Alexander‘s ACES foundation is putting on a concert to benefit the Haiti Relief Fund. The concert is taking place tomorrow night at Jaxx in Springfield, after being pushed back from an earlier by one or another of the massive snowstorms that swept through town this winter. The concert will feature two bands with very different sounds — the straightforward rock of ZO2, and the reggae of Jah Works — but they’re all there for the same cause.

“Just being another human being and seeing this on CNN,” Alexander told me today, “watching that tore my heart apart. To see these people out there trying to survive without any infrastructure or water or supplies … I wanted to help and be a part of that, to just help them out.”

And Alexander thinks there’s a certain amount of good fortune in the rescheduling.

“When things like that happen — any tragedy: Katrina, this in Haiti, the event in Chile — after a couple of months, people tend to forget,” he explained. “But these events are catastrophic. They take a long time to recover from, you know? And people need to come together over the next five, ten years for ’em — especially Haiti, because they didn’t have any infrastructure. Just bringing it back to light a little bit will help, just to have people stay involved, however that may be.”

Midnight tomorrow is also the start of the free agency period on the NFL calendar, and Alexander is one of the team’s unrestricted free agents. I thought this might leave him a little scattered or distracted, but he didn’t see it that way. At all.

“Football’s football, and helping people and going out into the community … it’s two different things,” he said. “I’m never gonna put a thing like free agency in front of helping out the community; that’s what I have my agent for and he’s really taken the leadership role as far as communicating [with the team]. He handles that for me, giving me the time to give back to the community and help out in this way.”

It probably helps that Alexander has already been told that he might have yet another role in the team’s mysterious Redskins Defense this year: having already moved from defensive tackle to defensive end (and having also seen time on the offensive line), word is he may now see work at linebacker.

“That’s what I’ve been told,” he said, shrugging the shrug of I’m just a player here. “Just another job for the One Man Gang to do and learn. It should be fun. They saw what I was able to do on special teams as far as being able to move and run down some guys, so I think it’ll be beneficial to me and probably extend my career so now I don’t have to take double-teams from, you know, Leonard Davis anymore. I can hit him when I’ve got some momentum behind me.”

And when Alexander gets momentum behind him, good things happen. Like this, for example:

And Alexander doesn’t even have to redistribute a bunch of weight for this positional switch. “Maybe a little bit, like five pounds,” he said. “But I still wanna keep my size, because that’s part of my uniqueness: that I can run at a heavier weight. I’m not gonna get too small.”

First, though, it’s about helping the community. The show tomorrow includes a silent auction and should have a bunch of Redskins players present as well. Tickets are available at the Jaxx website.

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