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Lorenzo Alexander Is Holding A Haiti Benefit

Posted by Matt Terl on March 3, 2010 – 4:07 pm

Lorenzo Alexander‘s ACES foundation is putting on a concert to benefit the Haiti Relief Fund. The concert is taking place tomorrow night at Jaxx in Springfield, after being pushed back from an earlier by one or another of the massive snowstorms that swept through town this winter. The concert will feature two bands with very different sounds — the straightforward rock of ZO2, and the reggae of Jah Works — but they’re all there for the same cause.

“Just being another human being and seeing this on CNN,” Alexander told me today, “watching that tore my heart apart. To see these people out there trying to survive without any infrastructure or water or supplies … I wanted to help and be a part of that, to just help them out.”

And Alexander thinks there’s a certain amount of good fortune in the rescheduling.

“When things like that happen — any tragedy: Katrina, this in Haiti, the event in Chile — after a couple of months, people tend to forget,” he explained. “But these events are catastrophic. They take a long time to recover from, you know? And people need to come together over the next five, ten years for ’em — especially Haiti, because they didn’t have any infrastructure. Just bringing it back to light a little bit will help, just to have people stay involved, however that may be.”

Midnight tomorrow is also the start of the free agency period on the NFL calendar, and Alexander is one of the team’s unrestricted free agents. I thought this might leave him a little scattered or distracted, but he didn’t see it that way. At all.
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Chris Samuels To Announce His Retirement Tomorrow

Posted by Matt Terl on March 3, 2010 – 12:30 pm

Six-time Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels will be announcing his long-rumored retirement tomorrow at a press conference at Redskins Park. He’s been the cornerstone of the offensive line for the last decade, and this represents a huge loss for the team.

He had plenty of highlights in Washington and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a bunch of them over the next 24 hours, but I think the place to start is with his birthday in 2008, when he took a cake in the face during training camp. Because … well, why not?

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Wednesday, March 3: A Quick Primer On Restricted Free Agency

Posted by Matt Terl on March 3, 2010 – 10:04 am

When head coach Mike Shanahan said that the Redskins would “tender an offer” for Jason Campbell, there was one question that kept coming up in my email: “What does tender mean?”

It’s a good question. As Redskins fans, we’re very familiar — some might say TOO familiar — with the way unrestricted free agency works: a player becomes a free agent, and anyone can offer him a contract. He chooses from the offers he’s received, and the next thing you know he’s standing behind a podium talking about how excited he is to be in his new city. Eventually, he plays in some football games. The end.

Restricted free agency is a bit more complicated; its basics are straightforward enough, but things can get a little convoluted in the details.

Here’s the basics of restricted free agency: Read more »

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