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A Harsh Review Of The Offensive Line, And Other Tuesday Links

Posted by Matt Terl on March 2, 2010 – 5:19 pm

If you read Redskins articles around the web, it sometimes seems like there’s a complicated system by which they take turns beating up the quarterback and the offensive line. This offseason, the quarterback coverage has dominated (again), with a soupçon of running back coverage mixed in. But ProFootballFocus seems determined to single-handedly right that imbalance today in an article by Khaled Elsayed entitled Pass Blocking Productivity Part 1.

It’s not a Redskins-focused article by any means, just an attempt to objectively assess the productivity of offensive linemen. The methodology is actually pretty simple, although it winds up looking like scary math. They explain their methodology thusly:

We have added up all the sacks, hits and pressures an offensive lineman gave up (hits and pressures are valued at 0.75 the value of a sack in accordance with our gradings). We then divide this number by the total number of snaps in pass protection before multiplying by 100 to get a solid number. A little something like this:

[Sack + Hit(0.75) + Pressure(0.75)]/Snaps Pass Blocking x 100 = Pass Blocking Productivity Rating

You are doubtless asking how poorly the Redskins fared in this ranking. The answer is “very”.

According to these metrics, Jones gave up “six sacks, 14 hits and 19 pressures on 322 pass blocks, which left him the second-worst left tackle.”

But Jones was a late-season addition, one of several warm bodies used to replace perennial Pro Bowler Chris Samuels, so maybe his performance was … not “forgivable,” exactly, but “not entirely unexpected.” Stephon Heyer was the starting right tackle from the season opener, and started every game of the season at one tackle spot or the other. And he didn’t fare much better, finishing as the fifth-worst right tackle by these metrics.

There aren’t a lot of surprises on this list; everyone knew that the Redskins’ offensive line struggled this year. But seeing it all spelled out in cold, objective terms is … sobering, to put it mildly. And it probably offers a pretty compelling boost to the argument in favor of an offensive lineman at fourth overall in this draft. I’m sure that another round of articles taking shots at the QB and RB will pop up soon enough.

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Snyder: "I Don't Even Own A Pair Of Alligator Shoes" (Updated)

Posted by Matt Terl on March 2, 2010 – 12:34 pm

UPDATE: The New York Post is now reporting that they were lied to, and that the furniture store employee who provided them with the false report has been fired. Per the Post:

Embarrassed store owner George Sharoubim yesterday said, “I apologize to all concerned in this matter. I had no knowledge of this. I never use the names of my customers and my employee lied. She has been terminated from the company.”

The original statement from the Redskins has moved to after the jump.
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Tuesday, March 2: Darrell Green Discusses His Birthday Jog

Posted by Matt Terl on March 2, 2010 – 9:39 am


When I wrote about DeAngelo Hall’s reaction to Darrell Green’s fiftieth birthday 40-yard-dash, I mentioned that I was a little skeptical of Green’s accomplishment. On reflection, “skeptical” was probably the wrong word; Green has always come across as a fastidiously honest guy, and I certainly didn’t doubt that he had done what he said he’d done. What I wondered, I think, was … well, why?

I haven’t had the chance to ask Green about it yet, but SportsCenter online did, and his answer pretty much boils down to “Because I could.”

Which is fair enough, and also explains why I would ask the question: because where Green could, I certainly couldn’t — and I’m years younger than him. Here’s Green’s full explanation: Read more »

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