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A Few More Photos For Presidents Day

Posted by Matt Terl on February 15, 2010 – 2:01 pm

Just so it doesn’t seem like I’m only focusing on the sitting President, here’s then-Redskins coach George Allen presenting then-President Richard Nixon with a football after the Redskins beat the Cowboys to advance to Super Bowl VII.

And, to give this black and white January 1973 AP photo some contemporary resonance, that’s current Executive VP/General Manager Bruce Allen as a shaggy-haired 16-year-old on the far left.

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Monday, February 15: Colt Brennan At The White House

Posted by Matt Terl on February 15, 2010 – 10:45 am

This interview was conducted way back in December, but I’ve held on to it while trying to get more (or better) pictures; this top image comes via the Honolulu Advertiser’s Warrior Beat blog. Those additional images do not appear to be forthcoming, and — for reasons that should be self-evident — Presidents Day seemed like a good time to finally run this piece. That’s why there’s no update on Colt Brennan’s health here, but last I spoke to him he was ready to get back to work and was planning to put in some serious offsite training time this offseason.

2009 was not a particularly busy season for Colt Brennan; he was on injured reserve recovering from hip surgery, and basically spent the entire year on rehab. (This, of course, did not stop nine million or so people from emailing me that he should be the team’s starting quarterback. Brennan’s devotees are legion, and they do not care about your league’s “rules” about injured reserve.)

One of Brennan’s fans is Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, of Hawai’i’s second district. Hirono had met with Brennan — a University of Hawai’i standout — before a game during the 2008 season, and she had followed his career ever since. And Congresswoman Hirono does understand the injured reserve rule. So when her husband was unavailable to join her at the White House 2009 Christmas party, she correctly guessed that Brennan wouldn’t be doing much else, and invited him to come along as her guest.

Brennan, of course, jumped at the invitation and promptly went out to rent a tuxedo, a fact that left me somewhat incredulous.

“I don’t own a tux yet,” he said, shrugging. “I own a lot of nice suits, but I didn’t feel like being underdressed at the White House. So I rented a tux, rolled in there and did my thing.”

Like most people, I had no idea what doing one’s thing actually entails at a White House party, but Brennan was happy to explain.

“It’s hard to tell where you really are a lot of the time inside the White House, but it seemed like the whole downstairs was opened up,” he said. “There were tables of food and drink, and you basically just walked around and got a real in-depth tour of the White House and got to meet all kinds of well-known people in politics. It was just really fun, hob-nobbing it with some big-time people.”

And, yes, those big-time people included the biggest of the big-timers. Read more »

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