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Chris Cooley, Outdoor Gear Model

Posted by Matt Terl on February 4, 2010 – 10:47 am

Today is shaping up to be quite the day for Redskins modeling red and/or hunting-related gear. First we had Devin Thomas shedding his red Hunters Support Conservation coveralls in some kind of strange bathroom modeling shoot.

Now we’ve got Chris Cooley on a fishing-expedition-slash-Reebok-modeling trip in a red Reebok sweatshirt and a whole bunch of NFL-branded hunting camo. I look forward to Albert Haynesworth ending up in the pages of Rolling Stone in a red safari outfit or something.

I only know ESPN Outdoors as “the programming that I ignore before football on Sunday mornings,” but apparently they’re a thriving entity with a web presence and everything, and their current top story is an account of this fishing trip/Reebok promotion with Cooley and Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Pennington.

If that description doesn’t appeal to you, well, you’re not alone. Listening to people’s fishing stories is bad enough; I thought that reading about them might be even worse, and that mixing in a promotion for athletic gear would make it entirely unreadable. But here’s the thing:

Writer Kyle Carter does a good job managing these pitfalls with some well-placed humor and a keen sense of the absurdity of his assignment, and he actually winds up with an interesting and readable profile of Cooley and Pennington.

A couple excerpts:

It was just another group on its way to the lake to catch some fish (and promote a new clothing line) – a group willing to get up early in a city where there is no early (or late) to have a shot at catching fish.


He’s Chris Cooley the entertainer, a serious angler who really isn’t serious about anything – or maybe everything – in short bursts. He’s an “Animal House” character who spent 10 hours a day studying the art of making pottery after he was put on injured reserve this season because of a broken ankle. He’s a little hard to figure out.

The piece was written before the Conference Championship games, which explains how Cooley got time away from his reporting duties at OCNN for fishing, but it certainly makes Cooley look like a busy, busy guy.

Photo by Getty Images for Reebok; see more photos from the expedition here.

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