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Tuesday, January 26: Could You Have Rooted For Troy Aikman?

Posted by Matt Terl on January 26, 2010 – 12:39 pm

My thoughts on Brett Favre are welldocumented here and I don’t feel at all compelled to go into them again. But watching Favre on Sunday — seeing him lead the Vikings and their fans JUST to the brink of the Super Bowl before throwing one of the stupidest interceptions in a career studded with 317 of the things — I found myself wondering if Vikings fans were really surprised by how things turned out.

Not just because Favre does throw a lot of interceptions; that stat is largely overblown, and taken as a percentage of his total passes, those 317 interceptions really aren’t that bad at all.

No, the reason Vikings fans shouldn’t have been surprised is because they had been forced all season to root for a guy that they had been trained to HATE, and I can’t imagine the level of confusion and frustration that would’ve accompanied a Favre-led Vikings Super Bowl win.

Think about it from an analogous Redskins perspective. Read more »

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