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When Yoder Met Smoot (And They Both Got Knocked Out)

Posted by Matt Terl on January 8, 2010 – 4:10 pm

Todd Yoder and Fred Smoot contributed in the last game of the season — Smoot started at safety, and Yoder caught yet another touchdown pass. And that’s not the only thing they have in common. Both of these guys are blog favorites, both of these guys are veterans on this Redskins team, and, it turns out, both of these guys have been knocked unconscious by Fred Smoot.

Remnants of Fred Smoot’s old Smoot Smack website are still available through web archiving services and what-not, and a bit of Googling turns up this gem of a quote from a brasher, younger Smoot (much like the one pictured to the right):

“If you do my homework, I’ll let you catch a pass” (To Vanderbilt’s WR Todd Yoder, following an article in a Vandy student newspaper stating the intellectual superiority of Vandy and how MSU was a team made up of “less-intelligent” junior college players.)

Yep. Yoder, then a wide receiver, and Smoot, then a top-tier cover corner, were SEC rivals in college. And even now Yoder acknowledges that his fellow Vanderbilt student-athletes might’ve been a little critical of their peers at Mississippi State, including Smoot.

“At the time,” Yoder recalled, “some of the guys from Vanderbilt might’ve been insinuating that the academics at Mississippi State were a little sub-par, maybe they had some juco transfers on that team, and we might’ve been pumping that up a little bit. I think there was a little heated rivalry going there.”

(Were you one of the guys insinuating that, Yoder? “I would never do such a thing.”)

Young Smoot did not take kindly to that particular insinuation, and responded with vague menace by telling the Vanderbilt Commodore newspaper, “Making fun of juco players is probably not the smartest thing to do since half our defense came from junior colleges.”

But Young Smoot wasn’t one to just run his mouth. No, he was given to taking firm, decisive action. And the person on the receiving end of that action was Young Todd Yoder. Read more »

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Friday, January 7: Two Pictorial Reactions To The Shanahan Hiring

Posted by Matt Terl on January 8, 2010 – 11:56 am

The folks over at ExtremeSkins are a talented bunch. Just in my limited experience with them, I’ve seen ES members cook, organize large-scale gatherings, design hats, and create commemorative booklets, all with a high level of acuity — and I’m sure they all get up to much more than that when I’m not around.

One of the other things they’ve got some skill at is graphic design, and a few of the members have whipped up pictorial references to the hiring of new head coach Mike Shanahan. Two of them jumped out at me, as both striking images and accurate representations of fan reaction, and I thought they were worth posting here. (Click the images to enlarge.)

Shanahan Change Image

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